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  1. Now i just added color and its not working, why is this difficult
  2. yeah i agree cause you get color before add ons then you have to buy color just to get it back
  3. i'll check out their site feelthere.com guess its all about money LOL
  4. the non pro only comes with 3 airports i have to buy color for all 3
  5. Their site could have said that though LOL so i have to get the Real color now, i just got the real traffic to work
  6. i purchased Real Traffic only for the game Tower!3D so i could have Real call signs. The planes had color before that, now they don't do i have to get the color as well?
  7. Don't know what happened but the Real Traffic is working now but my version is v1.4.211.767.SP3 before the Real Traffic my planes had color but now they are all white....sigh
  8. at the bottom says system requirements SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Requires Tower!3D SP2
  9. I just have the basic Tower!3D non pro with 3 airports giving it a try if i wanna go pro.
  10. No cause i didn't know i had to do it as admin. Can you help me. I downloaded Real Traffic from actsuite site. Real Traffic Tower!3D non pro. it is in the steam folder but its not changing anything.
  11. I downloaded the Real Traffic add-on for the steam version it is in the proper folder but when i open the game nothing has changed. Can someone please help me?
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