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  1. Sincere apologies Pete. Thanks. Just saw that I had an unanswered response. Still no luck on the matter. I'm connecting to a usb2 as always. One day when the stars align I'll get this thing working. Cheers
  2. Unfortunately it does not come up with any error messages. I've tried running FS_COM in admin mode but that has not solved the problem. Will try again tho'. Unfortunately I have to run FSX in admin mode otherwise PMDG does not load up for some reason. I probably have to slowly backtrack on some of my installation steps as even on the new PC FS_COM/FSUIPC had worked. So something has triggered the failure. Would installing FSUIPC in admin mode help? Or running it in admin mode? That is if either is possible. Thanks for your insights and help Pete. Cheers Adil
  3. Hi Pete Thanks for your response. I'm using "BLKBOX USB Interface Board for CP Flight Modules". An extract from the user manual states "SOFTWARE INSTALLATION Beyond the USB drivers there is a software applications to install for BLKBOX use: FS_COM.exe that manage the data exchange with the computer. Please download latest version of CPflighttoolsxxx.zip at "http://www.cpflight.com/sito/downloads/downloads.asp, (the file is in a compressed zip archive); unzip the files in a temporary folder and run “setup.exe” then follow the instructions on the screen. Start PC as administrator to install software on Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The data exchange between FS_COM and FS occur through the popular FSUIPC.dll, if you didn't use it before download it at http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html, copy the FSUIPC.dll file into module folder of Flight Simulator. If you use the MCP737 with FS2004, revision 3.xx of FSUIPC is needed; for use with Windows Vista download the revision 4.xx of FSUIPC. Visit http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html for information’s and instructions about FSUIPC. See BLKBOX USB Interface board for CPflight modules - PDF Free Download (docplayer.net) for details. As per my previous note I'm only using the Blkbox/FSUIPC for the stated function on my Flightdeck being Pack, Master Caution, Fire warning, Gear Lever, Auto Brake. All the other equipment eg joystick, throttle, rudder are all native Siatek. I've attached the log file as requested. The only reason I said CP Flight uses the Simconnect.dll to link with FSX/PMDG via FSUIPC, was that there was a SimConnect.dll file in the CPFlight directory. Many thanks for your help Pete. Kind regards Adil FSUIPC4.log
  4. Hi Pete I've installed 4.975 to use with an FDS Flightdeck of the 737NGX using CP Flight blackBox interface under FSX/PMDG 737NGX. Quite a mouthful I know. It was working fine until I bought a new machine and reinstalled the all of the above components. The CPFlight module shows that it it is connected properly on the COM3 Serial port, with the proper drivers. FSUIPC4.DLL is properly installed in the Modules folder. CP Flight uses the Simconnect.dll to link with FSX/PMDG via FSUIPC. When I'm in FSX I can see the FSUIPC and CPFlight Addons on the menu bar. When I launch FS_COM (the CP Flight addon) it shows up that it is connecting and then nothing and does not connect to the Sim. As I said it was working fine before the reinstall. Any thoughts as to why it would have stopped working. I've also checked 737NGX_Options.ini and can confirm it has [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1. You also talk about Sim Reconnect whilst in the NGX? Not sure if this is a problem but I'm running FSX as administrator (but that's not caused any issues and worked fine). The primary use of the flightdeck using the CPFLight module and FSUIPC is for the 6Pack, Master Caution, Fire warning, Gear Lever, Auto Brake, Thanks heaps Pete any help will be sincerely appreciated
  5. Hello Pete, I'm running PMDG737 under FSX on a Win10 PC. I have a FDX MIP connected to a CPFlight Board which in turn is connected to a CPFlight Black Box. I have installed the latest version of FSUIPC4 (registered ver) and the BlackBox as well as CPFlight Tools (FS-COM). When I start FSX and the PMDG737 I can see FSUIPC and FS.COM in the AddOns. I connect FS.COM. However none of the MIP instruments (eg the AutoBrakes, Gear Lever) are being recognised. Troubleshooting performed: 1. Checked that the 737NGX_Options.INI includes EnableDataBroadcast=1 2. Reinstalled all the modules (CPFlight Tools, CP Flight Black Box and FSUIPC) I've looked at the user manual to try and trouble shoot and whether I needed to do some sort of assignment (buttons and Keys) to the MIP rotaries and buttons; or to set up some kind of profile for the PMDG737. I read somewhere in your Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX Manual to do a Re-SimConnect (didn't know how to do that) (I know I sound like a novice......I am 🙂 Can you please provide guidance. Thanks and Regards
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