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  1. Still think Carenado's reply stinks... esp as they would know it's using the VOR1_OBI knob outputs.... still, sorted now. Hope this helps others.
  2. Well, thank you for the trial; the log output shows that the CRS knob in the Seminole is actually in the back end the VOR1_OBI knob. So there are existing bindings and it's possible to bind to it. The problem with the switches causing the jumps still exist, so I'm feeling that I'm going to have to rebind all 7 of my controllers through your app. Thankfully, I'll only have to do this once. Thank you John, really appreciate your help.
  3. I’ll try the logging later, see if we can track it down. I did put a support ticket in with Carenado. They xlosed it with the comment “Use the mouse” - which I explicitly called out in the ticket that it’s too hard and imprecise to use the mouse and I need bindings
  4. Sure, the needle is tuned to an ILS or VOR, but it's displayed on an HSI and not using the older VOR gauge. The HSI is magnetically coupled and doesn't need manual adjustment and the CRS (Course) needle can be manually rotated around the HSI. See attached screenshot from the Add-On inside MSFS2020. Rotating that knob rotates the yellow Course arrow and the offset dots in the centre of the HSI. (Apologies if you already know all of this; I just wanted to make sure we're talking about the same thing). Binding to OBS1 or even OBS2 in MSFS2020 has zero effect on this Course knob or
  5. Ah. MSFS2020 has OBS 1 and OBS 2 inc/dec bindings, so setting those on a dedicated VOR instrument wouldn't be a problem. It's having a CRS course knob on an HSI that's alien to virgin MSFS2020. I can't see how Carenado got it submitted and accepted without providing the binding, or having the sim understand it, but maybe they got around it because if it's used via a mouse, then it's no different to any other 'virtual' knob. :(
  6. Hi John If you're referring to the toggle switches that have an 'ON' state that continually sends a windows DX event - then yes. If you're referring to something else - no. However, the big one I am trying to solve is with MSFS2020 + Add-on aircraft Piper Seminole. The seminole has an HSI with a HDG knob and a CRS course knob, but MSFS2020 has NO binding for the course knob anywhere. It's only usable (and I use that term loosely) if you use a mouse. I was hoping (I'm not at my gaming PC now) that your application would be able to circumvent this oversight.
  7. Thank you VERY much! At least I can see if this fixes my issues.
  8. I've been sent here - to presumably spend MORE money on getting msfs2020 to work, because of the heading bug / course bug problem. I wanted to see for myself, how to use and how much of a headache it will be to rebind all my controllers (I have seven) over to this app. But from what I've read, the trial version is so crippled, that I can't test or assign anything to see if it's useful and fixes the problem I'm here for. Am I missing something or is it the 'trial' utterly useless? Sorry for my first post to be negative, but I'm pulling my hair out with MSFS2020 and I'm in t
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