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  1. PayPal issued a refund for the purchase and then I went on ATCSuite website and bought the same things: LFPG airport and Real Colour for LFPG. Installation went without any problem. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thank you guys for your quick responses. Yes, I did submit the form at feelthere.zenedesk.com. @nyergesdesign I will send you an e-mail sometime today as soon as I get home from work. Thank you.
  3. Nope. Here's the number, try it yourself: 877-327-8914
  4. Because it's a phone number from Fastspring and the recorded voice tells you to go to a fastspring website. I find it useless. I do thank you for the form. I submitted the report. I also want to thank you for getting Ariel's attention. I hope I'll get the right installer.
  5. I've tried but I need a valid e-mail address.
  6. I did not buy if from BMTmicro. The actual game and some other addons I've bought from them but not this one. Actually, I had no idea that there are different sellers. I went on a feelthere website, made the purchase. I've got the invoice from fastspring. Went back on feelthere's website to look for a phone number or an e-mail or something, support or something. Nothing. I went into my paypal account to find some details. There was a phone number from the fast spring -third party. Useless. So, should I just forget about it? Consider that I've been scammed for 29$? Not a big financial loss but
  7. I've purchased today LFPG airport and Real Colour for LFPG. Every time I try to install LFPG, when the installer initiates, it comes at RJTT installer instead of LFPG. When I type in the key it does not get validated. Please help. Order ID: *.
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