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  1. Thank you John for your advice. I have tried both ways, however regretfully I could not control virtual buttons in the display. Having seen my macro file thoroughly, I have noticed that pointing address (?) of mouse of No.1 and No.2 are the same (RX27400800) even though they are different place in the display. Other macros (No.2, 3, 5, 6, and 7, I have made more macro after my first inquiry) have their own different address respectively. 1=elec=RX27400800,3 2=baro_standerd=RX40000051,3 3=baro_reset=RX4000004c,3 4=FTCL=RX27400800,3 5=Can_Recal=RX40000063,3 6=TFC=RX40
  2. Thank you John for your quick reply and suggestion of QW's forum. Yes, I have reviewed QW's forum and made inquiry on this matter, but no respond. So that I made a question on this forum. Having reviewed the forum you suggested that seems to be on the matter of reading the value of MCP or reading Lvars. Lvars of QW are a little bit weird for me. Sometimes, a name of Lvar is quite different word on the button related, some Lvars appears after several times of mouse click on the button, and some show different response as in their official document for sim builders kits. Anyh
  3. Hi, My sim is P3D V5 HF1, FSUIPC is ver6 registerded. I am trying to make mouse macro for QW787, some are successfully great, thank you for FSUIPC. Some are not, I wonder if those are buttons in the display. I have reviewed this forum by key word of mouse macro, display, QW787 etc, but could not find related topic. QW787 has 4 displays, PFD and Navigation display for pilot and FO. Each could be changed with different informations. I would like to push the buttons by mouse macro on system screen mode in the navigation display. They are for electrical conditio
  4. Today, I have tried autopilot flight with modified lua file adviced by Pete. Everything was done very well as I wanted. After take off, pushing AP button, then yoke was started to be driven by servo motor as same as in sim. During flight yoke moved according to the yoke motion in sim. Before landing, servo driven was disconnected by disengaging AP by disengage bar. That was fun and the circumstance as I wanted. Simflight has been to be much much motivated. Some modifications of offset value and calibration on mobiflight were necessary for coming to above condition. They w
  5. Thank you Pete for your so quick and polite advice. I will do try again upon your advice. According to the real value of aileron and elevator of Lvar, I think they should be signed one too as you said. However as fur as reviewing the figures of them in Spad.next, they are changing in between + side proportionally to the full yoke movement. For me, it does not matter, must thing is "proportional to", they could be modified or calibrated in mobiflight. Anyway, thank you again for your kind advice. Moto. Miyawaki
  6. I am very new for scripting lua file. So, I am sorry for my inquiry may be out of question. I have registered version of FSUIPC6 as attached log file (sorry for the allowable size, I have cut same lines in the middle), my sim is P3D V5.1 HF1, and the aircraft is QW787. Since I could got my purpose successfully with PMDG737 on which I could move throttle and yoke by motorized servo in autopilot condition utilizing mobiflight and arduino, I am trying to get same thing with QW787 too. However, there are no information on the related offset as in PMDG. Only things I could get are
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