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  1. I didn't know I needed to run it as admin, I just learned that today. The installed directory is the default. I will try to use it (as admin) in my next flight. Thank you.
  2. Really great, showing all the FCR features.. Now, the real tutorial will explain how to do those things (verbally and visually), can we have that? I am having a hard time using this program, always afraid it will crash and not being able to save preferences from one session to the next.
  3. You just need to launch the FlightControlReplay.exe from the FlightControlReplayMSFS folder (the name of the app will be the same). Make a shortcut from this app to the desktop or wherever you want to place it.
  4. Using the new update: Options are not saved between sessions, every time I load the app I have to set the option for "load replay without load initial situation" why not make this by default to ON? Also, I am getting a pop up window every time I launch the app "Information for Usage", I don't need that information once I read it once. Resizing the app is weird. It is just resizing the app borders, hiding it's contents. The UI should resize, right now it is too big.
  5. I think the update is live, just check your simMarket account for your downloads. Current version is 4.5.2102.9 and in my downloads is 4.5.2102.26March21Update...
  6. As usual, the sim crashed while loading the recording I made, but I started the sim again, went to the same airport and loaded the previous recording... I was playing with the cameras and then, I played the replay until the gate and my plane was already there... Is this normal?
  7. I tried again. Recorded a landing. Pressed record, named the file. Started flying. at the end I pressed stop and then load. The replay started instantly. I watched my landing, pressed on 2x speed, rewinded, etc. When I clicked on stop, the sim went to the "Fly" screen and crashed. Again, I had the option to load replay without initial flight situation selected. And again, options are not saved, I need to edit the options every time.
  8. Hi Fabio, I was able to record a flight and play it (I didn't save it to disk, because it didn't give me the option to name a file). It played fine (i even reminded several times without a crash) until I pressed stop, the sim went to the "Fly" screen and crashed. I had the option set to load replay without load initial flight situation and I changed the default path for recorded flight. The app does not save the options I choose. I have to go to options and set everything up every time I launch the app. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way for the app to remember my options?
  9. Hello Fabio, FYI: I never got the email from simMarket about the 4.5 update. I knew about it because I was constantly checking this forum and the simMarket "Your Downloads" page.
  10. One way to bypass this issue is to let the user select the correct version while installing (I only have MSFS2020, but I had to install all versions on my system).
  11. It is still in closed beta, we have to wait for version 4.5. Once you get the update notification you will be able to use it in MSFS2020.
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