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  1. Does 4.861 look at add-ons using the add-on.xml on its own now, or does a scenery.cfg still need to be made with the AddonOrganizer?
  2. I posted on AVSim and Aerosoft already. Mathijs and Hans didn't even mention this setting when I asked them about it. You'd think Aerosoft would know their own products a little better.
  3. I found the problem. In the CRJ manager there is a little button in th bottom left for "options." There is a setting in there to set the throttles for use with FSUIPC. Nobody on the Aerosoft forum mentioned anything about this setting. All they said to do was follow their useless FSUIPC calibration guide. I now have all of my planes, including the CRJ, calibrated exactly the same way with no issues.
  4. Figured I'd post this here while Aerosoft is also looking into it. I picked up the CRJ this morning and I cannot get my throttles to go above 50% N1. I use FSUIPC in FSX:SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4 with no issues whatsoever over a wide range of aircraft - All PMDG, all FSL, A2A 182, and the Q400. My throttles work fine in every plane except the CRJ. My flaps lever doesn't work as well. The slightest movement of the lever puts full flaps. I have a GoFlight TQ6. Does anyone have any ideas? I followed the CRJ FSUIPC throttle guide without any luck as well. Thanks!
  5. How come FSUIPC doesn't correctly recognize the number of flap detents for the A320X? My flap lever on my throttle quadrant works flawlessly with every other aircraft, but I notice FSUIP incorrectly recognizes the number of flap detents, and therefore doesn't work correctly. Thank you.
  6. It seems to be random but I remember some of them being Airbuses.
  7. I'm running MT6 in P3D v3.1 and some of the aircraft are bouncing off the ground, landing in strange areas (not on runways), and climbing straight up, stalling, and then crashing into the ground. It's quite humorous actually but something is definitely wrong. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. I downloaded the latest version of FSUIPC and it detected v3. Would it have detected v3 if it was not supported?
  9. The option for Elev Trim Up/Down is missing under the buttons page with P3D v3. There is a duplicate Elevator Up and Elevator Down instead. Am I missing something?
  10. Got it! Thanks. Any idea why it isn't showing in the Communicator menu?
  11. How do I disable Jetways from docking to AI aircraft with MT6? The Aircraft Config Editor isn't showing under the Configure My Traffic menu. Thanks.
  12. I know this isn't the appropriate forum for this question, but since support for the Leonardo-SH Maddog no longer exists, I was hoping to find some help here. I have FSX installed on my main PC and I run my apps from a client PC through Simconnect, WideFS, etc. with no problems. I just installed a copy of FSX on my client PC because I want to try to run the LSH Maddog in a Multi-Crew setup. Everything seems to be fine, except the Maddog menu under the Addon menu isn't there. The LeonardoSH.dll is in the modules folder, it's listed correctly in the DLL.XML file along with FSUIPC 4, and my Simco
  13. It's smooth for some aircraft and not for others. Not sure why. I was confused because the first one in the example didn't have a specific name. I apologize. I asked you earlier about changing the numbers to letters and you said I had to ADD lines but according to your post you just changed the 0's and 1's to Y and R, which is what I had asked you earlier. I apologize for the frustration but either you misunderstood me or I'm still missing something. And yes I read you user manual several times, despite how confusing some sections are. I spent a lot of time setting up pr
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