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  1. MSFS2020, DX11, Thrustmaster Airbus pack, FBW A320, and PMDG 737-700; FSUIPC7 7.3.17 Throttles will not work correctly. - When going to TOGA on either plane, the throttles drop all the way down into FULL Reverse.. If I delete FSUIPC7, then my throttles work perfectly. ALso, my FLlight plan won't be valid..I get a dashed line- If I delete FSUIPC, then it works perfect. This is really stumping me.. and flying for a virtual airline requires FSUIPC7. Until i get this resolved, I can't fly for my VA.. My throttles and sensitivities have been calibrated and set.
  2. RE installed twice, of course I push the REGISTER button and it says ok.. Still get the unregistered version window.
  3. John, same issue with me! I purchased it thru SImmarket, installed the license number and it took ok , but i dont get the assignment or other tabs.
  4. Purchased at Simmarket- Install fine, registers a key... But when i activate, i get the unregistered window. I dont have the assignments or the extra tabs on window as i should.
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