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  1. Hello Volker as a follow up to my question: I have found out that a file named traffic 305028 has completely disappeared from FS9 and is the likely cause of the problem , dont know why it has vanished so completely but I will be receiving a copy for installation from a friend of mine and hopefully that will be the end of it. In the meantime if you have an answer for my second question re: flight planning I would appreciate hearing from you Cheers John
  2. Since I am on the forum I may as well ask about something I am trying to do without much success to date. Since my VA group has a multi flight every week I am trying to create flights from airport to airport with landings at various airports in between i.e. flying from A to D with landings at B and C in between. It appears that this is not possible at the moment. Having read the manual several times looking specifically for this feature I have not been able to find a solution for it. Can you tell me if the program provides for such planning or if not is this something that could be implemented in the (near) future. We are heaving a lot of fun flying short distances in small planes as a group and being located in British Columbia Canada we fly a lot in our local area which covers a lot of ground as you can image Thanks for your input on this John FS9-SP1 ; FSUIPC v.3.75 ; FSCommander database Mgr v.8.3 with update .4 05/05/08 ; Windows XP Home edition ; AMD64 dual core 4000 ; Nvidia 8600 256mb
  3. Hello Volker first of all let me say I am happy with my application of FSCommander and impressed with the amount of work you and Felix have put in to create this program. I do have a problem since installing it however, that being that I have lost all my static display of AI aircraft at Schiphol and it makes no difference what time or date I use they have simply vanished and as I am sure you will agree there is no time that Schiphol airport would have absolutely no traffic static or otherwise. I checked the forum for similar reports but found none. Can you please have a look into this problem to see if FSCommander could have affected this program. I am also going to check with the NL2K4.v3 team to find out what the problem is Regards john FS9-SP1 ; FSUIPC v.3.75 ; FSCommander DB mgr version 8.3 updated v.4 05/05/08 ; O/S: Windows XP Home edition ; AMD64 dual core 4000 ; NVIdia 8600 256 mb PS I tried a restore to an earlier time before the problem showed up, without the desired result. John
  4. Read the referred post thanks Volker will do same as the other VP and hope it works on my machine too Cheers John
  5. I am doing the trial version of FSC and I am on the verge of registering for it however I have one problem in that when I click on the help button to go to the manual I get the message that Firefox can not read the language for it and can not load it. Have you had that problem mentioned before ? I could not find anything in the FAQ's I am planning to use the program for our multi flights in our VA group which we have been conducting with great success and interest from our members
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