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  1. Ok, so I've read that there's a joystick button count limitation which is why LUA has to be used for the Mags. But, I don't understand why not. Why can't FSUIPIC detect all the joystick buttons above 32? I mean ... other programs can access those buttons so why not FSUIPC? Other programs including flight sims themselves of course, but outside of that... even FS_Tool which I just discovered detects those joystick buttons out of the box. FS_Tool can't replace FSUIPC, as it doesn't fix the 10 degree bug and all that... but I just bring it up to demonstrate my confusion.
  2. So it took me like a whole evening of piecing together multiple forum posts, and combing through manuals to figure out how to get this working perfectly. I don't have the Bravo throttle quadrant ... yet... but I've included some instructions that should apply when I do. Here we go... 1) Go to SimMarket and BUY FSUIPC7. The free version won't help you. You need to buy it. There is a missing (by design) menu option from the free version so this is a must. Here's a link for the google challenged 😜 simMarket: JOHN DOWSON - FSUIPC7 FOR MSFS 2) You will get an email with your key and
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