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  1. Update, Honeycomb have responded very quickly and the unit has been RMA's and is going back for a replacement. You will be the first to know what happens after I have received the replacement and tried it it out. Paul
  2. No, I can't see them in the way you would press the switch and have it respond with the corresponding number in FSUIPC. What you can do in the Controls section of MSFS is select the Bravo throttle and select the known button position. I know that the first toggle/rocker switch is 34 and 35 so I can assign pitot heat on/off but what happens is the switch on the panel is stuck either up or down, so the button are connected somewhere. It is as if in FSUIPC you could overwrite the joystick button numbers and enter what you liked. The levers each have a detente at the bottom which when moved p
  3. I don't think so either but will download it anyway. It is so strange because I just assigned button and 34 and 35 to toggle the pitot heat on and off, the switch will go one way but not the other. Thanks again for all your help. Paul
  4. Hi John, I think I am just flogging a dead horse here, the new .dll for FSUIPC6 works with the Alpha but still nothing with the Bravo so I can only assume that the seven switches are defective. I know they are doing something because in MSFS when I assign one of them to a switch function, the switch can no longer be moved with the mouse, it is jammed or jiggles rapidly, just not doing the right thing. I have tried to contact Honeycomb but have not had a reply yet and not sure if I will even receive one. Paul
  5. Yes, I can use FSUIPC6, I have the paid version which I use with P3Dv5 which I am going to spend more time on, tried the >32 switched with that but it was so long ago now I can't recall where I left it. Can also try FSUIPC7 with MSFS 2020. Thanks.
  6. The Bravo is/are few and far between so would be easy to get another. I would like to try the FSUIPC version with support up to 128 buttons, who knows what can happen. Thanks for all your effort, I will let you know if anything changes. Paul
  7. Sorry about that. Button presses were 16 (works), 34 (does not work) and 8 (works). Paul FSUIPC7_Buttons_16_34_8.log
  8. Hi John, attached is the latest log using the HidTest.lua script you sent and the v7.0.7b executable. Paul FSUIPC7.log
  9. And I would be willing to try the 128 button of FSUIPC7 when ready.
  10. Brilliant, I will get at it over the weekend, thanks very much. I am about to get back to P3D and FSUIPC6 as well as MSFS. I am spending more time messing about with settings and VR stuff then flying. Cheers.
  11. Not a problem John, I appreciate your efforts to-date. I will keep an eye out for the new script and let you know if I have any luck with vjoy. Paul.
  12. I tried the HidDemo.lua after editing the vendor and product id's and removing the other two scripts but no luck. It was odd because when I pressed one of the <32 switches or buttons, FSUIPC would ID the joystick as F which is correct for the Bravo but as I flipped between position, #64 would flash up, still nothing from any of the seven rocker switches. In FS 2020 controls I tried to assigned one of the seven to a pitot heat switch by manually selecting the switch positions but as before it either froze the toggle on the panel in place or it vibrated, so the rockers are doing somethin
  13. Here is the HiDScanner log, if i am looking at it correctly, the buttons seem to be recognised, 'Buttons range 1 -> 48 at indices 6 -> 53'. Paul HidScanner.log
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