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  1. Ah, it went so I'll try to repeat my previous message. The original button assignment through FSUIIPC was too slow. The offset was much faster and I have now slowed that thanks to your help. Presumably I can now delete the entries in the .ini file for other elev trim lines without finding I've upset something else. The idea of being able to tweak the trim setting by using a single press really appeals so I'm going to try to fathom that now. Regards, Roger
  2. Hi John, I've tried twice to reply to you but neither has appeared. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am trying to get the elevator trim to work as I want it to! (FSX SE/Alabeo Aztec) It is much too slow using the button assignment to a button on my Honeycomb yoke and I found a very old post which seems to offer a solution. It was the same subject in June 2013 to/from a guy called John Fee. I have followed his approach and as you can see below from the .ini file I have used the offset for the elev trim. My problem is that if I reduce the increment (256) and then fly, nothing seems to change and on checking I find that the adjusted increment (eg 128) has disappeared and been replaced with 256. Can you help? Has something changed since 2013 - I know a lot of things have! Thanks in anticipation, Pete. [Buttons.Alabeo Aztec] 0=RA,10,C65607,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_DN}- 1=RA,12,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 5=RA,14,C65607,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_DN}- 6=RA,15,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 12=RA,1,C66243,0 -{INC_COWL_FLAPS}- 36=RA,13,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 38=RA,0,C66244,0 -{DEC_COWL_FLAPS}- 48=PC,0,C66856,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_6}- 49=UC,0,C66851,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_1}- 52=PC,3,C65561,0 -{PAUSE_TOGGLE}- 53=PC,10,C66858,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_8}- 54=UC,10,C66851,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_1}- 58=PA,3,C65758,0 -{FLAPS_INCR}- 60=PA,4,C66079,0 -{GEAR_UP}- 61=PA,5,C66080,0 -{GEAR_DOWN}- 62=PA,2,C65759,0 -{FLAPS_DECR}- 63=RC,7,C66855,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_5}- 65=PC,6,C66857,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_7}- 66=PC,11,C66859,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_9}- 67=UC,11,C66851,0 -{VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_1}- 72=PC,28,C66052,0 -{STROBES_ON}- 73=PC,29,C66053,0 -{STROBES_OFF}- 74=PA,6,C66416,0 -{PAN_VIEW}- 75=PC,20,C66239,0 -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS}- 76=PC,21,C66239,0 -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS}- 77=PC,22,C66059,0 -{LANDING_LIGHTS_ON}- 78=PC,23,C66060,0 -{LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF}- 79=PC,24,C66240,0 -{TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS}- 80=PC,25,C66240,0 -{TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS}- 81=PC,26,C66379,0 -{TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS}- 82=PC,27,C66379,0 -{TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS}- 83=PC,1,C66579,0 -{TOGGLE_CABIN_LIGHTS}- 84=RC,5,Cx42000BC0,xC0010100 -{offset sword decrement, offset 0BC0 (Decr=256, Limit=-16383)}- 85=RC,4,Cx32000BC0,x3FFF0100 -{offset sword increment, offset 0BC0 (Incr=256, Limit=16383)}- 86=PF,4,C66079,0 -{GEAR_UP}-
  4. Thanks very much Pete, I hope I can sort it all out very soon. Roger
  5. Morning Pete, I did reply to you yesterday morning but it doesn't seem to have gone to you so here goes again. First thanks for looking at the files and setting out everything so clearly. It is a bit of a mess. Above all though it seemed/felt there was something to do with the pedals themselves and since yesterday I have done some digging there and my suspicions have been confirmed at least partially. I have sent for some more pots - one is definitely not working so I'll change all three. However regarding the axis assignments I will need to sort this out even when the pedals are repaired. It's obvious that I will need to un-assign some things. Can I do this by removing the line in the .ini file? Or is it more complicated than that? In FSUIPC there is the option to reset all axis assignments. I did try that (I can easily do them again) but it didn't seem to remove all the axis assignments. Is the .ini file rewritten each time the FS is closed down? I'm going off to a dark room with the manuals but I can't recall seeing anything to help me but I will look again. Thanks again. Roger
  6. Hi John, Here are the files. I notice lots of 'Right brake' entries. These were when I pressed the left pedal. Regards, Roger FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  7. Yes the controllers are disabled. I'll send the files shortly. Thanks for perservering (if that's how it's spelt!).
  8. Hi John, I went through that and sorry to report that I still have similar problems. (The register has updated entries) The rudder was flipping as before full left/right or sometimes centred. At one point the right brake operated the rudder perfectly! I have tried to go back to basics and remove the rudder/toe brakes from FSUIPC in both axes and calibrations. Strangely I still get the 'differential brake' message with the left pedal which I can lose when I press slightly on the toe control. But now nothing else. Obviously I can fly but without a rudder it's not perfect! It does look/feel like a problem with the hardware. Is there anything that I can do in FSUIPC that might confirm that? Roger
  9. Yes, I will! And the words 'don't mess with the registry unless you know what you're doing' is always there, so.. as I'm no expert... Can I just check here. I've used Pete's HidScanner and my controllers appear there as follows: Vid 068e (4 folders) there seem to be 2 for the CH yoke (I no longer have) and 2 for the CH pedals. Vid 06a3 (4folders) one confirms this is the Saitek quadrant (which is working well) and replaced the throttle, prop and mixture on the CH yoke. Vid 294b (1 folder) My new Honeycomb yoke also working well. Logic (!) seems to suggest that the folders to delete are the four Vid 068e referring to the CH products. The yoke I no longer use and the pedals that I hope will get a new correct registry entry. That right? Sorry to be a pain. Roger
  10. I did a dry run and seemed fairly straightforward. Thanks. Hope this works!
  11. Good morning John and thanks for that. I notice it mentions versions of Windows up to 8. Can I proceed as suggested in W10?
  12. I hoped to solve this myself but it seems beyond me. I can't decide if the problem is my CH Rudder pedals/toe brakes wearing out, but the coincidence of two pots going bad on the same day? I am using FSUIPC4 for everything with the controllers off in FSX. I am running FSX Steam. I can set the rudder axis but when I try to calibrate it I only get the extreme figures (-16384 or 16383) or zero. The result is as you'd expect the rudder flies from full left to full right or maybe centres. A few days ago this was not happening and the rudder worked perfectly. But then when I tried to assign the toe brakes they interfered with the rudder. Now I have the situation where the right brake is okay - assigned and calibrated. Even got a nice pause before the brake came on. The left brake is like the rudder - all or nothing. I am using an Alabeo Aztec but changing aircraft gives the same rudder performance (DC3 and Baron 58). I attach a log file. Thanks in advance. FSUIPC4.1.log
  13. Thanks to both of you. I learned a lot during this and hope it helps someone else. I like the idea that you can get rid of the yoke, Roman, in the Alabeo Aztec. Who needs two? Thanks again. Roger
  14. Hi Roman, I checked and set up camera 7 to move close to and above the ADF and peeking/tilted down so I get a view clear of the frequency behind the levers. Works a treat. Like before I didn't adjust the zoom instead I changed the xyz settings and the pitch is set to 60 degrees (in initial pbh). I'm not too clear what you'd like me to do as a favour. Your amended view of the radio stack seems good to me. Are you wanting me to test it? I would need to change the Hotkey as I have used 7 already. By the way just for the benefit of anyone following this thread I came across a couple of useful things when I was searching. One is under 'FS Tips and Addons - understanding cameras in FSX'. The other was 'Camera configuration in FSX' by Gabor Hrasko (in English!)
  15. Right. Reporting back. After your help I have resolved the problem - just hope these settings 'hold'! I now have the two snap-to views using the rocker switch. Each has a hotkey assignment and I used 8 and 9 for the reasons you suggested. (I don't have Ezdoc either and now I don't need it!). However regarding the zoom adjustment that didn't seem to make any difference so I moved the camera instead! Changed (by trial and error) each of the config entries - the xyz settings. Now really good for a quick look. Final question on the same topic. Do you think I'll be pushing my luck to use Camera 7 for a hotkey for another view which would be useful. The ADF is hidden behind all the quadrant stuff and I can't see the settings very well. The I'll let you be and just sing your praises! (I will anyway!)
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