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  1. lol it is announced since 10th august, so ist not just 1 Month, this is the problem. the tool also existed before that and this time should be enough for a upgrade from fsx to msfs, so its definitly time to relase... plus the date of release just jumps around like asobos UK dates... -_- im setting 100 dollar that it will not released this week
  2. hm nice video but why that 737? This is a bit unfavorable, cause you find on Youtube now thousands of videos that this is such a bad modelled plane and scam. So this plane is not very popular, rightly: A320 would be a better advertising
  3. Ah okay, so if this video arrives, you are ready to release (just trying to understand)? But a realse this week are finally great news, thanks.
  4. well, or im just proud that I can speak languages without a ridiculous high accent LOL 😂 sorry just not read your comment cause I don't care. lul
  5. Thats what I mean, your coming in this forum not with facts. Just starting with kiddy phrases wtf, really. In germany we say "Schluchtenscheißer"
  6. Just ridiculous! The tool works and is ready for months now, but it won't be released! 'early days of feb' are soon over, im really starting to get pissed off..
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