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  1. Fixed. The EmbSetup app must be run as Administrator as there is something going on with P3Dv5 where no files can be modified in the P3D folders. The alternate work around is creating a copy of the e170.ini file to the Desktop and adjusting the values through Notepad. Saving the file, then copying and pasting the file you edited from the desktop back into the folder overwriting the e170.ini file.
  2. I may have discovered the autopilot issue. TCS is stuck on under the EMB configuration app. I try to remove the keybind and hit OK but the next time I start the EMB configuration app it has the default values saved. I am unable to save the changes. Is there a cfg file I can manual change?
  3. If the plane was designed for P3Dv4 then the only answer is that something has changed in P3Dv5.1. FeelThere is advertising their product as being compatible with P3Dv5, which it obviously is not. How do we fix this?
  4. I uninstalled P3D entirely, reinstalled, reinstalled only the EMB module. The autopilot does not work. Everything is running as administrator. Also, those video tutorials are from P3Dv4...I am using P3Dv5...so your statement saying it works is invalid and out of date. 😞 I really want this to work. Work with me here please.
  5. I also watched all of the videos on YT before purchasing to make sure it would behave similarly.
  6. Hello all, First off, thank you for making a model for the E175. I have over 3000+ hours flying them for Compass Airlines before they went out of business. I am however, having an issue with the autopilot in P3D v5. It engages on the FMA but does not capture any MCP modes when pushed; NAV, HDG, ALT, FLCH, VNAV. Nothing works. The FPA remains stuck on at all times. Additionally, in Virtual Cockpit view, all of the windows are a pea-soup green color. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Justin S.
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