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  1. ok finally found a solution which is to fuel up via gsx not the p3d fueling menu
  2. i have gsx and activesky ( tries disabling gsx and active sky and sadly no result) and i have tried several airports. The problem only happens when i change fuel from the fuel and payload menu of p3d when i change the fuel from max (default) into any number the problem occurs
  3. no everything is ok, my problem is that when start the apu when the planes apu turns onto 30% on to startup it urn off and i tried to make a fresh install and i still have the same problem
  4. no the whole plane didnt work, when i installed it again i had the same problem
  5. 175/195, once the apu % touches 30% it turns off i have a video but i cant attach it here because it is 20mb, and i also tried to uninstall the plane and it didn't work (the plane now is unflyable if no apu i cant pushback)
  6. i am using the feelthere Ejets for p3dv5 and whenever i change fuel from the fuel menu the apu turns off and when i start it again it goes on for 10 seconds and then turn off, is there a way to fuel in another way or is there a soloution
  7. Hello may I please request a ROYAL JORDANIAN Embraer 175
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