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  1. Do dot use 'MR' I thought title meant Mr , Mrs, senor senora etc. 1000 apologies for breaking forum rules. This is the first time I've tried to use a forum... so I say AGAIN apologies. FS commander is fantastic by the way.
  2. What's the point of having a GPS window if it cant be viewed whilst flying?
  3. So, I'm completely baffled. Have reset all values to 0..REMGPSWIN POS OR WHATEVER IT SAID INTHE POST and followed everything in the manual and Volker's replies to all who can't see the GPs window...pop up whilst flying the simulator. Am about to throw computer off a tall building . Please help
  4. Searched high and low and not confident in using forums. Bought and installed FS commander 10 yesterday but can't connect with flight simulator. Downloaded the FSU..etc but still nothing. Have built database etc and the FSU.. download found flight simulator Any help for a newbie ?
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