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  1. Well, disabled whatever that was and job done. Works fine. Apologies for taking your time on this, I honestly didn't that was even installed. Many thanks again for your help and your product from a long-time user.
  2. Yeah, I had no idea it was even there to be honest. Let me uncheck it and give that a shot. If not I will see about removing it entirely. Sorry, didn't know it was even there. I've never installed software for either Honeycomb.
  3. Within the sim itself, in the Addons section there is a "Alpha Flight Control Bridge Module", which is checked. So whatever it is, it's turned on. Maybe uncheck it and try?
  4. The dropdown says Honeycomb -> AFC Yoke - Reload button bindings and a toggle to either show or hide button bindings.
  5. Nope, nada, at least not to my knowledge. There are menu options for it in the Addons dropdown in P3D, but I've never opened nor configured either. Perhaps I should open and look at those. And I set the pofile to the F22, and the same happens. In fact a lot more of it. I'm fairly certain my strobes are on... And this Bravo works flawlessly in MSFS, so I don't believe it's the unit. FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  6. Here are both again, with the full log. I deleted the two meaningless assignments, which were probably from me trying to set the sim to do nothing when releasing the flap up lever and the flap down lever, which didn't make any difference and I subsequently deleted. That's probably what that was. Thanks again! FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  7. Tried a few other things. Pete mentioned it is sometimes caused by another joystick driver package. I had Saitek throttle and yoke installed, which I don't use anymore. Uninstalled those. Then restarted the computer, didn't make a difference. Also tried assigning the master battery and master alternators to the Alpha in hopes it would unassign them from the gear and flap levers on the Bravo. No dice. Here is the updated ini and log after uninstalling the Saitek drivers and assigning the alternator and batteries. FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  8. I'll post those shortly. Could it be vJoy? That is installed, and to be honest I can't even remember why. It was installed for P3Dv4 a long time ago and is just "still there". Edit: just remembered, I used vJoy to set up Realtrim in PD3. So in any event that can be removed, although I tend to doubt that it's the problem.
  9. Hi fellas, Using the latest full release of FSUIPC6, trying to map the landing gear and flap up/down switch on my Bravo (with the Alabeo Seminole). I set them both and they work just fine, save for the fact that in addition to moving the gear up and down, the landing gear switch simultaneously operates the right magneto on both the left and right engines and the flap switch turns the PFD and MFD of the G600 on and off. Up turns them both off, down turns them back on. I have the throttle, yoke, and rudder pedals all disabled in the sim. So to be clear, when I put the gear leaver up, t
  10. Fantastic, thank you, John. My apologies, I didn't quite understand what you meant earlier, but I do now. Will let you know how it goes!
  11. Hi John, I appreciate the feedback. I've tried the Rotary lua and it doesn't change the behavior of the dial. It's a twist knob that you can turn left or right to spin the OBS in either direction. For this could I use: 0C4E 2 NAV1 OBS setting (degrees, 0–359) Ok-SimC Ok-SimE The question I have, is how I do make it turn one degree at a time when I turn it slowly, and increase the speed when I "spin" the knob quickly (basically get it to behave like a real OBS knob does)? How would I program that or which values would I use? I very much appreciate your help, and your program
  12. I'm not sure if this is a support issue, it's actually a question. First of all I've gotten rid of the 10-degree heading bug in MSFS thanks to FSUIPC, and for that I'm very grateful. Now, however, I sort of have the opposite problem. I have the Honeycomb Bravo and have the OBS DECR/INCR mapped, meaning I can just twist the DECR/INCR knob to change the OBS in the plane. But now with it going 1 degree at a time it takes all day to rotate any meaningful amount. Like if I want to change the OBS 90 degrees it takes, well, 90 clicks. Is there a way to have it move 1 degree at a time when you tu
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