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  1. My theory is that te .ini was just too messed up. I was editing it manually while switching from FSUIPC5 to 6. I copy-pasted some entries from 5's .ini to 6's ini (just to skip reassigning and reconfiguring it again). I guess I just f***ed it up and here we have a result. Once again, thanks a lot for you time! Cheers
  2. Right, um... The method of "If you can't repair it get a new one" worked. I guess my .ini was too messed up to handle it. After clean reinstall of the whole FSUIPC along with creating new .ini and new .mcro solved problem. I really appericiate your time and will to help John! Thank you a lot 😄 P.S. with clean ini and mcro, adding: 1=AP Disc 1.1=RX4000001d,3 1.2=RX4000001d,13 did it's job. Everything works! Cheers!
  3. Here you go. I'm really starting to loose my temper... I think I'm gonna reinstall the whole FSUIPC and create new .ini and new .mcro's... FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  4. No, I'm saying that 757 isn't the only aircraft where the button not coming back problem occurs. Making changes with 757 doesn't affects i.e. JF's BAe, although I just wanted you to know, that my initial problem (of a button beeing stuck in) was occuring in different planes, with differen macros. Right now I'm making a log for you
  5. That's probably a leftover after a prevous 757 macro I had some time ago No difference after deleting the section you've said to delete. And one more thing I have to mention, 757 isn't the only plane with macro created that has this problem. Exactly the same thing occures with other planes i.e. JustFlight's BAe 146. It's the same situation as the 757. None of the button comes back. And with the 757 it's not only AP button issue, but also A/T Disc button on throttle handles or TOGA switches on throttle levers
  6. Yes I do it this way (mostly because in planes like PMDG i only use buttons and switches + key assigment to function in plane's FMC). Although I tried assigning button directly to macro action - effect was still the same. Yes Sir, it's not. That's because I've deleted it and created a new one, that contains only this single action, that's why it looks different then the first one, but the action is still the same button. I'll than revert to the very first macro I've showed you. I've only changed one thing - Added two separate actions to the function - LeftSingle and LeftRelea
  7. After the macro taht you've sent me didn't work (all actions were changed) I've simply deleted it and created a brand new one and edited it in the same way you did. Again all action were totally mixed up. After reverting back to how the macro file looked before (1=AP Disengage=RX4000001d,3) making the changes, macro works as it worked at the beggining - it's mapped to the right cockpit button. Also I attatch 2 log files. One is made when macro is without any changes (button doesn't come back) and one is with macro edited the way you showed before. FSUIPC6 after edit.log
  8. I'ce created a whole new macro for 757 and made the same change as you did. My macro looks now like this: [Macros] 1=AP Disengage 1.1=RX4000001d,3 1.2=RX4000001d,13 And again the same happend - when I press the combination the button doesn't even click. Just like it's not that button. After your edit, macro for AP disengage button on yoke became WX Radar switch. After my edit I can't even say what button have it bacame now
  9. Now all the macro isn't working. All the switches are changed. I.e. something that used to be eng 1 cutoff now serves as RTE DATA button
  10. Here you go John. Thanks for your attention in this issue CS B757.MCRO
  11. Hey Hey, I'm having a little problem over here. P3Dv4 & FSUIPC6. When I press key combination assigned to a mouse macro function (i.e. ctrl+z for AP disengage button), the button presses in, but it doesn't come back out. I have to click it with my mouse and only than it comes back to normal position. Am I doing something wrong in settings? I'm attaching link to video I captured showing the problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmZ2piDR0zI Regards
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