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  1. Thanks Paul, working fine now with A32NX using LVars! MSFSservices.LVars["XMLVAR_Baro1_Mode"].SetValue(2); << sets it to STD!
  2. With an Start and Reload just after INIT, it didn't get Hvars, but I've put another Reload after a button click and it worked fine! so it must be some time after initialization . It's reload needed? maybe if preconfigured refresh rate time passed it's not.
  3. Hi ! Sorry I saw your post after posting my last image 😄 , I'll try with Start(), Thank you!!
  4. even though is stated in your post that it doesn't depend on FSUIPC connection, I've tested it after Fsuipc connection, to be sure:
  5. continue previous post, due to file size limit
  6. Hi Paul! It looks promising! thanks! but it's not working as intented or I'm doing something wrong: WASM module is installed, executed John's client to test: But after INIT inside .NET:
  7. Fantastic news! Thanks! I'll try running against MSFS when you publish the beta and post results.
  8. Hi! I'm following your development of your wasm module to add Hvar/Lvar access to fsuipc , any plan to make it possible to set HVAR from .net SDK?? Thank you!
  9. Thank you for your answer Paul, I'll try to make use of simconnect DLL to make this detail work.
  10. Hi !! I'm new to FSUIPC , and trying to control / read FS with its help, I've done a lot of searching in the web but cannot find a way to make this work, FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.BAROMETRIC_STD_PRESSURE, 0); FSUIPCConnection.Process(); sets the Baro to 29.92 , actually this is STD, but cannot make the plane show STD in the Baro indicator. Tryied with other values with no luck. I saw an Axis and Ohs template that accomplish this making use of an RPN script (Simconnect): (L:XMLVAR_Baro1_ForcedToSTD,·N
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