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  1. I am familiar with FSUIPC Lua programming and your excellent PlugIns library. However, I am not familiar with where the Lua compiler and execute does its buiness and how FSUIPC Lua and the P3D Lua may interact, if at all. Just found out that with P3D, there has been and update where XML code for gauges can execute Lua Functions. These functions are defined by P3D (i am running P3DV3 for testing and P3DV4 for flying. Are functions universal? Could I execute a FSUIPC function (e.g. ipc.xxxxx) in an XML and would Lua recognize it assuming P3D uses the universal Lua package? Thanks
  2. I use a simple Lua plug-in using the COM library in FSUIPC's Lua to read and write data to an Arduino. i've never used any other Arduino interfacing software. But my use of Arduino was done some time ago. Currently I only use one with an add-on board to operate the magnets on my 737 starter switches. Pete I was referring to the Plug-In using the COM library referred to in Mr. Dowson's reply, not a "core plug-in". If the code is available for the "simple Lua plug-in using the COM library", I would appreciate viewing that code. It is not supplied in the "Example LUA plugins" folder.
  3. Thanks so much. Best to hear it from the expert. As I already have 2 bezels using Pokeys57U (inherited from a friend). I should keep it simple an use LVar exchange. Seems the clearest method for Lua.
  4. Thanks John, I am well aware of the above. I'm looking for the Com Plug-In your Dad mentioned above for communicating with Arduino. There are many examples in your forum as well as others that communicate with many techniques. I'm just looking for the technique (and code if available) used by the Dawsons. It would be the most efficient and practical.
  5. Please let me know which plugin in you use or could you post it here. I cannot find a plug-in in the provided "Lua Plug-Ins" documentation. I will look as well in the com library if I can find it. As I am using P3DV4.5, FSUIPC is in the Add-ons folder in Documents. Where are your libraries located? You list 10 starting with "ipc" in your "Lua Library Reference". In which folder are they located?
  6. Mr. Dowson, I have been a appreciative customer for many years. I am building my 3rd Sim using P3DV4. I have FSUIPC6. This Sim's hardware is interfaced almost entirely with Arduino. I'm sure you can appreciate the reasons. Another product, Air Manager, does a great job interfacing the cards with SimConnect. FSUIPC obviously does a great job with other capabilities, especially axes and addons that use FSUIPC. Not sure where FSUIPC's Lua library structure is located. Understand where Lua modules are located and use of plug-ins. The Air Manager Lua modules are located but lua modules are located in Air Manager's root and reference Arduino pin numbers, SimConnect Variables (including LVars) and logic. Is there anyway with paths and directories in Lua to share function and commands? Or is there a better method to share? One suggested method is to use LVars to communicate. AM command - fsx_variable_write(variable,unit, value). Used in both FSX and P3D. FSUIPC Command - ipc.readLvar("variable"). This would work (e.g. set addon offset in FSUIPC from a push of a button attached to Arduino). If there is a better uncomplicated way for FSUIPC to interface with Arduino, I sure would like to know. Link2FS seems no longer available, MobiFlight has limits and Lua code found thru Google is contradictory and flawed at best. Thanks
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