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  1. Fabio, I'm certain that I started the right version of FCR, because the header in the window clearly tells it. When I choose the P3D or FSX version they show a different header. And the fact that MSFS responds with the message that FCR is connected (and works) indicatie that this cannot be wrong! What you say is that the menu button on the controller is the only button that works is correct, apart from the trigger in the WMR environment. In the WMR home I cannot use the mouse. The controller is the only device that works for me. In MSFS VR-mode the mouse is the only pointing device that works, NOT the controller! It maybe so that the HP Reverb G2 driver works different from the Acer/Lenovo drivers, but the Reverb G2 is the first officially supported VR devices for MSFS. So if anything should work, I expect this one to do so.
  2. Yet another thing. The motion controller (HP Reverb) wasn't supported at all in MSFS before. I did not see any release notes that it will be in the current revision. It sort of looks as if it is working. You have to press the button to switch the controller on and when it does it exits the MSFS VR mode. Than you can start FCR as described. With some tricks I can get the FCR window appear in MSFS VR-mode when I re-enable it. The mouse disappears above the FCR window, the motion controller works on the title bar on the 'following' and 'exit' button. So for me there seems no way to use any controls with the mouse. What controller did you use to test it?
  3. Just to be sure, I uninstalled and reinstalled FCR (2104). Now for safety I installed in Program Files X86. Followed your steps exactly: 1. run MSFS 2. startup plane in cockpit 3. switch to VR and put headset on 4. press windows on the controller 5. goto WMR and search for Classic apps/Simmarket and select FCR for MSFS Now most of the time after step 4 the MSFS VR mode exits and I get into WMR. A very rare occasion (about 1 out of 10 times) I stay in FSMS VR and can select the FCR app, but usually I get the empty Windows1. I just managed to catch the rare occasion of the 'good' window: The window displays the correct version: FlightControlReplayMSFS v4.5.210416. And MSFS responds that FCR is connected to the sim. Unfortunately the contents of the window is just a picture and I cannot press any button. The 'real' window is visible on the display as in the non-VR mode. It works as before, just indicating the is ok. However, no matter what I try, it does not work in VR mode. I have been trying anything, but it doesn't help....
  4. Yes, it says v4.5.2104.16 in the header. Maybe important to mention that I run the HP Reverb G2 headset and the latest version of WMR and OpenXR.
  5. Hi Fabio, Thanks for your reply. I did (before) as you instructed: in the VR cockpit I press the menu button from the motion controller and get into the cliff house in WMR. I select the FCR for MSFS in the Simmarket folder, but it's not 'voila'. Meanwhile MSFS exited from VR and returned to the non-VR desktop. I get a window in WMR labelled Window1 showing the FCR icon, but not the FCR template. When I go back in MSFS to VR I may see the Window1 but without any contents. I can click inside it and see 'loading' but it returns to a kind of sleeping mode (zzz). Whatever I try, I find no way to activate the FCR controller within the VR cockpit. Please help. Jelle
  6. Dowloaded the April 21 update from Simmarket and installed it. Read the pdf how to start the FCR window in VR. Can find it in the WMR menu. After starting it it displays a window labelled Window1 with the icon of the app. I can pin the app to the menu. When I click it it displays: loading, but no FCR window appears in the VR display. I even succeeded in getting this window in the virtual cockpit, but never get the FCR tool displayed. Have I missed something?
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