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  1. I've been looking around the internet for some information on Lua plug-ins but I can't find anything to do with FSUIPC7/MSFS and how to install them. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 - Tinos
  2. I'm using the node.js npm packaged so not any officially supported one. The reason I'm opening and closing the loop is that the module uses asynchrous methods (promises) rather than synchorous methods so I need a new "object" every time therefore opening the connection every time.
  3. Hi Pete, I've never worked with Lua plugins so I'm completely out in the dark with this. Could you forward me to some good resources to look at? Also, how would one go about getting the plugin and code to interact? Would the plugin be treated similarly to an offset or would it work differently? - Tinos
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if there's some sort of offset which will completely disable control over individual gears (Nose, Left & Right). I'm currently using a system where I have a loop running every 25ms that sets the according offsets to their necessary values: 0BEC 0BF4 0BF0 This method works but also causes the animation in game to flutter as it's trying to lower the gear while my script is making it close. The nature of the loop also means that I'm getting a ridiculous amount of errors in my console where the connection to fsuipc is being opened but not closed fast enough before the next loop (Screenshot of pain: https://i.imgur.com/YRsPfGE.png ) Any help / ideas on how to get this system working more effectively would be absolutely fantastic. - Tinos
  5. Thanks for the reply Pete, I was posting here in case anyone could help. Unfortunately the developer of the package appears to have abandoned the project with ignored pull requests etc. So I'm losing faith in the project 😞 I might have to explore the depths of the C language to implement my own writing system - not looking forward to that. Tinos
  6. Hello everyone, I'm using the node.js module found here and have managed to get extremely far into my project with the whole UI having been made (and looking really good IMO) and the backend systems in place. It was time for me to start working on getting the software to start interacting with FSUIPC so I managed to get the whole obj.add("blah", 0x0000, blah, blah) stuff working (as seen on the project page) and it reads everything correctly and all was going great. UNTIL I started needing to write data to the simulator. I've been looking for hours on how to get this to work and I'm genuinely terrified by the idea that it simply is not possible. For my testing example, I'm trying to set the parking brake by doing: ... obj.add('BRAKES', 0x0BC8, fsuipc.Type.Int16); return obj.process(); }) .then((result) => { console.log(result["BRAKES"]); // Returns 0 meaning brakes are off result["BRAKES"] = 32768; console.log(result["BRAKES"]); // Returns 32768 meaning brakes are activated. ... The problem is that although the result states that the value for brakes is 32768, the simulator doesn't seem to have been fed that information. Please please please tell me that I'm being silly and have just misread something because if it's an issue with the npm package I'm using then the whole project is toast 😭 Hope someone can help me out here, - Tinos Full urls to npm package: https://github.com/koesie10/fsuipc-node https://www.npmjs.com/package/fsuipc
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for helping me out here, you've only gone and saved my project - had no idea about the FsBitArray Offset Type!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a plugin to allow for custom engine failures in MSFS20 and I'm using C# with the NuGet FSUIPC Module. So far I've got the following: ``` private Offset<uint> engine_failure = new Offset<uint>(0x0B6B); ... // Fail engine 1 engine_failure.Value = 1; // Fail engine 2 engine_failure.Value = 2; // Fail engine 3 engine_failure.Value = 3; // Fail engine 4 engine_failure.Value = 4; ``` However the issue is that if I fail engine 1 and then fail engine 2, engine 1 will come back alive since `engine_failure.Value` only takes one number (0,1,2,3,4). Is there any way I can fix this? Is there some sort of hidden offset to fail individual engines? Any help would be greatly appreciated! -T
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