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  1. I'm not familiar with LUA and tried to make simple script to test basic functionality but it doesn't work: joy = 0 btn = 13 function buttonpress(j, b, du) ipc.control(69737) end event.button(joy, btn, 1, "buttonpress") I put this TEST.lua file to FSUIPC folder, start P3D with NGXu but when I press yoke button (FSUIPC defines it as joy 0 and button 13) nothing happens. 69737 is NGXu offset for attend call button (taken from NGXu SDK). Cheers.
  2. Hi, I use full version of FSUIPC for many many years. I bought Alpha yoke and I would like to configure buttons to behave just like in real 737-800: when you push yoke autopilot disengage switch -> A/P disconnects + warning lights flash + warning tone sounds when you push yoke autopilot disegnage switch SECOND TIME -> warning lights stops flashing + warning tone silences Similar situation is for autothrottle disengage switch. And my question: is it possible to do with FSUIPC? There's TripleUse.lua plugin from Pete but it provides two short presses solution a
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