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  1. Yes thats right its just when I use Prosim with MF+FSUIPC. I not entireley sure what you mean. Do you mean MF (which is handling the indicator lights, lever etc can deal direct with Prosim - effectively not going via FSUIPC
  2. Update: I have taken the advice of the chap in the mobiflight forum. I used a basic Cessana aircraft and created a brand new config and programmed a single button (in my case gear level). I set it using EventID and I can see that when the lever is changed FSUIPC confirms is sees that incoming event from Mobiflight. I could use IPC read and Writes in the console but there is far too much scrolling information and I dont know how to filter is down to only what I want to see such as a specific offset. Could the issue be Prosim comms with FSUIPC? How can I trouble shoot this more. Regards Ian
  3. Mobiflight does report sending commands to FSUIPC. I logged this issue there. They want me to explore more and prove the command is reaching FSUIPC. How can I do that. Like I said to him, I seem to be caught in the middle of two programs not playing ball and no way to determine on my own why. Ian
  4. Ok will do that. Is there a way or switch to see incoming commands sent to FSUIPC
  5. Hi. I have been building 737 cockpit for some time. It is predominently made up of : Prosim 738 FSUIPC 7 Mobiflight 8.0.1 (controlling indicator lights, gear lever, master caution buttons etc) All has been working well until last week when for some reason FSUIPC stopped sending updates to Mobiflight. Mobiflight can see FSUIPC and MSFS2020 etc but the gear lever (indication in debug sends command) the command doe not seem to be gettting to FSUIP or Prosim. I am unsure how to see why the commands are not being executed. I have opened the debug window in Prosim and the Console Window in FSUIPC but do not see incoming events for the lever for example. Conviced it was Windows, I installed a seperate copy on a clean drive, set up prosim, MSFS 2020, FSUIPC 7, Mobiflight. Imported the mobiflight project. Still no interactions. Any help to determine what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated. I have the Paid version of FSUIPC If any more info is needed I will gather it Regards Ian
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