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  1. Yes, at the moment I've copied the INI file, I had already changed the Axis for FS controls back to the Direct option, because I couldn't make it work. I'm gonna try and find the part of the User Guide and report back, if I could solve it. Thanks for the quick reply. Dominik
  2. OK, FSUIPC version is 5.157. I've put my FSUIPC.ini file into the attachment. Well, if you mean the number of the throttle by the "N", then this is exactly what I've tried, as discribed in case 2). But as soon as I go for "Axis ThrottleN Set", I get -16k to +16k, BUT no effective way to tick the "Rev" button. I can do that in the Joystick calibration axis. But if I get that right, this tickbar refers to the "Direct option". Thus, having chosen the "Axis ThrottleN Set" option, I can't calibrate the axis via FSUIPC, as this seems to refer to the "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" option
  3. Hey there, a new strange problem occured while using any Airbus since I've got my new Honeycomb Bravo throttles. I've intended to use FSUIPC for the axes and LINDA for buttons. So far, I didn't use any profile in the Honeycomb software, as I wasn't sure if those settings were "global". In any case, I want a certain setting of axes to be loaded automatically with a certain aircraft. And that's what FSUIPC can do very well. Now to the problem: When using the Aerosoft A330, the throttles don't move at all, even when I use the same FSUIPC profile that works witho
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