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  1. Hello experts (though I presume this note might - if at all - interest Volker Heine primarily), I work to my satisfaction with a combination of FSC 9, FS 2004 and Google Earth on a Win 7 machine, and it seems to me that everything announced and discussed about the implementation of Google Earth into the Sim-programmes runs well. That means, once I have coupled a FS 2004 flight with a Flightplan generated by FSC and Google Earth according to the prescriptions given, during run-time I can always follow the plane along its flight path shown correctly in the corresponding Google Earth map (the displayed airplane logo does not disturb me much). What I miss (and I have not yet found out whether or not this has already been discussed or even been solved up to now) is the fact that at no stage of the running programme the altitude of the (Google-Earth) observer is coupled to the current altitude of the plane according to the situation running in FS 9: I always and continuously have to select (within Google) manually the altitude from which I want to look at the map in order to connect it to the current altitude of the plane (which, for instance, I can read either from FS 9 or from FSC at any moment). I should much appreciate having the possibility of viewing in different flight phases the real life scenery (as it exists in Google Earth) for instance like a cockpit view in the right perspective. If there already exists a solution to the problem, please let me know - otherwise, I should be grateful for hints and links - Gerhard Berendt.
  2. Hi Volker Heine, thank you very much for the quick answer. I understand that I better rely on the data given by FSC rather than on the data displayed by FS9 in the main window as well as in the map window - is that correct ? This also means that the time given in FSC for the whole flight is really that for the whole flight in reality - if I understand you correctly. Regards, Gerhard Berendt. Again thanks for the help - G.B.
  3. Hello to the experts … My topic is "Wrong speed shown in the FSC9 map according to a valid flightplan" First the informations which are necessary in order that this post is accepted: 1. FS 9 with upgrade to fs9.1 2. FSUIPC Vs. 3.999 downloaded March 23, 2012 from Pete Dowson's website 3. FS Commander FSC 91 downloaded as zip-file from the FS Commander WebSite together with its Database Manager in March 2012, hence 4. Download version from FS Commander Website 5. OS Windows 7 Home Premium Now a description of the problem: FS 9.1 and FSC are loaded and displayed. An airplane is chosen in FS9 (in order not to get into trouble, I choose a stock airplane – f.i. the B737-400) and in the airport window of FSC In FSC as well as in FS9, an existing flightplan is loaded (f.i. Munich – Berlin). Everything behaves as expected; FS 9 asks if it should position the aircraft at departure Now, in FSC the GPS Window is opened and FS9 is attached: As expected, the GPS Window opens and shows the first waypoint for the route Now, in FS9 the plane is started and – once in the air – the gear is put up and the autopilot is switched on: Altitude, vertical speed and speed are chosen AutoHdg in the GPS window of FSC is activated Accordingly, the plane takes its course versus the first waypoint and proceeds climbing towards the altitude given by the autopilot. The plane speeds up and finally reaches the speed given by the autopilot. The irritating observation: While the display of FSC correctly shows the altitudes of the plane during the different phases of the flight, its speed (as to be observed in FS9) is shown wrong in FSC – it is continuously shown as much too high (f.i.: If the speed in FS9 is – as the autopilot forces – let's say 300 kts, FSC shows 425 kts instead). This wrong speed is displayed in the map as well as in the corresponding columns of the FSC flightplan, which leads to wrong results there too. What did I do wrong ? Helpful answers will be appreciated very much. Thanks in advance, Gerhard Berendt
  4. Hi Peter, thank you very much for your quick response and the hints concerning the possible reason for my error ! Everything now is ok with the latest downloaded version of FSUIPC - kind regards, Gerhard.
  5. Hello all - Question to the experts! I should much appreciate getting information in a problem concerning FSUIPC: Can anyone help me finding the FSUIPC (Vs.3.5) offset (in FS 2004) for the maximal gross weight of the aircraft currently loaded in FS ? Remark: The table within the manual "FSUIP for Programmers" lists the position 1334 hex with a 4 Byte entry for the maximal gross weight * 256 of the aircraft involved. However, a check with the "FSInterrogate2std.exe" programm reveals that at that position there does not exist a known variable, and the check of the underlying Hex representation shows that there are four 0-Bytes. Also, in the neighbourhood of this position, I did not succeed to find a meaningful entry, which can be interpreted as the desired weight. Thanks for the attention, Gerhard Berendt __________________ ****************************** Dr. Gerhard Berendt e-mail: berendt@zedat.fu-berlin.de internet: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~berendt ******************************
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