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  1. After the install of your FSUIPC the wierdness out of nowhere started ... As quickly as it came it went....Before I could even hunt a culprit.. It lasted about 10 minutes and went away ... Sorry to bother you about this Pete..But it appears all is well.. BTW...Thanks for all you do for us simmers... :)
  2. Wow ...That was quick..I know its for FS9...But have been using it for FSX as just an engine..... I have FEX and awaiting their promised weather engine, so to try and avoid another purchase I have been going this way... You know...It may be A6.5 too...Let me do some testing and I will post my results back tommorrow Pete.. Thank you for your info.... Yes...its all thats installed as client program
  3. Hi... I am having a strange issue ... Everytime I install your FSUIP for FSX and AS6.5 it causes my wireless mouse to behave very erratic.... I have had this set up in the past and just figured it out on a fresh format as this was the last thing to install.... Its driving me nuts....I am using version 4.28 and can barely control my mouse... This is on XP SP3 and is an unregestered version.... Any thoughts please??? Thanks for any tips you might offer....
  4. To Cool...Thanks for the answer I wanted to hear and your speedy reply.... :)
  5. Will this addon traffic still leave my FSX traffic in place? I want to have both for better variety.. Thanks...
  6. Thanks Burkhard for that explanation......It makes sence to me.....And this fall...hell yup I will be getting the upgrade......... Thanks again,and sorry for the cross posting..it was a little confusing...... :)
  7. Hi Burkhard.......This is the link..and after reading it closer it states at the bottom not to post here..Sorry I missed that in my rush for help....... The Aerosoft forum is very confusing for a first time user,and I had to wait almost three days for access (I understand)..and there is no real MyTrafficX forum,and it took several hours searching to find it in with Utilities and Missions...... Sorry for the misunderstanding... And I'm good now..Thank you again for all your help... and This is *FANTASTIC*...I'm loving it.... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=16742
  8. Burkhard,thank you for your *TIMELY* help...I figured it out as posted on Aerosoft forum..... I first wrote untimely ,not correct..Sorry......My mistake..Bad grammer...LOL Well i got it figured out...Although in my DVD box the paperwork says its version 5.1 I looked at the properties on the disk and it says it is version 5.1a Go figure........ so with that knowledge I ran the 5.1b update and all is well...Thanks for your help.....
  9. Thank you..I didn't realize where it was hosted...... And there is a post there that has a link to here for all other questions thank you ... Thanks for your help....
  10. thanks..But for me it stops and says I need to have V 5.1 to install 5.1a or b ............... And I do have 5.1
  11. Thanks...That is where i got the updates from...And I have posted there but no one has replied, and I was redirected to here..Go figure...LOL Guess I'll just wait to see if they ever reply........Again,Thanks
  12. i just purchased MyTraffic X from Aerosoft(never again) and am searching a couple answers..They offer NO HELP and refer to here for help..At the top post here you say you will not support this Title if purchased elseware.... I own Version 5.1 DVD... Do I need V 5.1 a download & V5.1b download also??? What do they offer? Do the have anything to do with the fact that I cannot switch years as it reverts back to default(2007)? Any help is most helpful...Thank You....Mason wishing I had just bought UltimateTraffic..... :(
  13. Well I decided to download and run update 5.1 a and it said that i needed DVD Version 5.1 and it quit running...Well the paper work in my box says its 5.1..so what now???LOL Thanks....mason
  14. Sorry..I missed that...Good Luck....Do they have a help forum somewhere?
  15. To add traffic in FS9 do this with UT... If so, this can be done much easier through the Ulimate Traffic interface. Simply go to Utilities > Airports. Search for "HKG". Then change the assignment from VHHH to VHHX, click on Save. Then recompile your traffic and you're done. If you want to change it back, do the exact same thing as before but change it from VHHX to VHHH. This will rerout all traffic from new airport back to KaiTac.... Its real easy to do.......
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