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  1. IVAO Statistik

    Hallo, die Statistik bei IVAO ist tatsächlich etwas überraschend. Hab jetzt gerade mal bei uns nachgeschaut. Air-Child hat zur Zeit 423 aktive Piloten. Davon fliegen 310 den FSX, aber immerhin noch 113 den FS9. :cool: Beste Grüße Norbert
  2. Good evening, I have a homecockpit. 6 PC's are connectet. This evening I have updated FSUIPC, WideServer, and on all client PC's WideClient. I'm running all Client PC's with the PM StartUp tool. On 4 of my 5 Client PC's everything is working OK. But on one, which is running the Engine, I now get an Benchmark Test and the PC dosn't connect to the server. Any idea? Thank you and Best Regards Norbert
  3. Network Problem

    I was to loud. Only the first 3-4 minutes the frames are stable. After that, the same game :? Regards Norbert
  4. Network Problem

    Problem solved :D You want to know the solution? You can hit me, if you want :wink: As I have told, I'm using O&O Defrag for my FS PC. For all other PC's I'm using the onbord microsoft defrag (wich is more a plecebo, I know). After using O&O Defrag for the PC where I'm runing the CDU, pmSystems and so on, everything is working fine now. Can't belive it. Sometimes solutions are so near... Best Regards Norbert
  5. Network Problem

    Have you tried with both of them not running to see if you get the slow down effect on FS? Yes, I have, but that's not the problem. Thank you for the hint. Have testet with differend aircraft, but all the same. OK, thank you for your kind help Pete. Will going on to find the error. Best regards Norbert
  6. Network Problem

    Sorry, do you mean that without both CDU and pmSystems, all is well, but with either (or both?) it is not. I have tried only with the CDU, only with pmSystems, with both and all other kombinations. The problem comes alive with one of them or with both together. What does that mean? And can I do something here? Yes, I tend to forget things ;-) I'm using pmGetWeather for the ACARS function of the FMC. SA_WXR dosen't support that. But both, pmGetWeather and SA_WXR dosen't make any trouble. Hm, I'm using the O&O Defrag tool. As far as I know, it is one of the best you can get. So I think that isn't the problem. Yes, the disk activity light comes on a lot. NetDir is on the CDU PC I have add LogFiles of a flight I have made this evening. Maybe you can find something... Thank you again Best Regards Norbert LogFiles.zip
  7. Network Problem

    First bof all, thank you for the quick answer, Pete. It's allways a plesure to communicate with you. Sorry, have forgot to tell you. Yes I have tried process elimination. The CDU and the pmSystems are the "bad boys". All other is running fine. Now I have upload the LOG files. I have delete the older once, to get new files. But I have attached both. When deleding the old LOG files, I have noticed that WideServer and WideClient have two files!?!? One is ending with a "0". Yesterday, when trying to solve the problem, I have take a look from time to time into the Log files and have seen some errors. Today I can't see them :oops: but the problem is still there. Thanxs a lot Norbert New LOG.zip Older LOG.zip
  8. Network Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with one of my network PC. I have conected 6 PC's: 1) FS9 / ActiveSky 2) PM Captian PFD 3) PM Engine / PM Sound 4) PM First Officer PFD 5) PM Lower Engine 6) PM CDU / PM MCP / PM pmSystems All ist working fine, except PC 6 with PM CDU / PM MCP / PM pmSystems. After starting this PC, I will get framerate problems at my FS9 PC. I have set the Framerate in FS9 to 27. After starting the 6) PC, the frames are going very fast up and down. From 27 to 26, back to 27, 15, 26, 25, 27, and so on. And that all in milliseconds. But after some minutes, it' going from 27 to 23, 26, 22, 27, 21. After an hour it goes from 27 to 14, 12, 26, 16. and so on. I have read the documentation of WideServer and WideClient, have tried to play with the parameters, but no luck. Also I have tried to make changes in the network cart. Also no luck. Now I have no idea. Maybe someone can help. My configuration of PC 6): Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 1.58GHz, 2.99GB RAM Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (latest driver) WinXP on all network PC's Thank you Best Regards Norbert

    OK, thank you. Best Regards Norbert

    Hello, Thank you very much for your help. After deleting all the files of the data folder, AES and FsP is working now. Also the Airport info is working, but only if I have selected US format ( 1,000 ), befor starting the reinitialize process. In Europe format it dosn't work. Do you have an idea for that? Best Regards Norbert

    Hello, yesterday I have purchased FSM. I have done all steps like described in the manual to get airport information. But no luck. Also the FsPassengers and AES function dosn't work (that was the main reason to purchase FSM). I'm using FSM on a network PC. Any idea? I'm using FSUIPC 3.930 and WideFS 6.700 Thank you and Best Regards Norbert
  12. Network with VISTA and XP?

    That are good news. Thank you Pete, Best Regards Norbert
  13. Hello, I'm building a homecockpit and have connected 5 PC's. All with Windows XP. Now I need a new PC where I'm running FS and WideServer. But all new machines have Vista. Can it be a problem, to connect a Vista PC with FS and WideServer together with the four XP PC's? Thank you Best regards Norbert
  14. Engine Start Lever

    Hello Pete, yes it works now, but only without the PMSystems. If I'm using PMSystems I have to klick on the Engine Start Levers on the screen to get the Engines to work. Do you know the solution? Thank you Norbert
  15. Engine Start Lever

    Hello Pete, Yes, that solved the problem. Many thanks and Best Regards Norbert