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  1. 1 hour ago, pocketdynamo87 said:

    2. That's a really minor issue. Depends on the airport. Sometimes they'll call tower, sometimes they'll call ground, sometime they'll call no one specifically.

    I think you missed the point of what I was saying. The conversation goes

    Plane: Tower, Speedbird 1 requesting push and start

    Tower: Speedbird 1 pushback approved, expect runway 27R

    Plane: Ground 27R pushback approved, Speedbird 1.

    You see that the plane requests pushback from the Tower but gives the readback to Ground. 



  2. After giving a pushback clearance I often want to change the departure point to a runway intersection. I've tried saying "Speedbird 1 Pushback approved, expect runway 25R at F" but it's not recognised. So, when the plane has pushed back and is ready to taxi I tell it the runway position "Speedbird 1 runway 25R at F". As soon as I get the readback the plane starts to taxi. Shouldn't he wait until I tell him to taxi?

    Speaking of pushbacks, I think there is a bug. The plane calls the Tower for clearance but gives the readback to Ground. 

    And finally, is there a way to instruct a plane to cross a runway without waiting for it to stop and then saying "Continue taxi"?


  3. This is possibly more of a general question than a sim-specific one.

    I know that there are restrictions on the use of parallel runways - they have to be 2000-odd feet apart - but what activities need to be separated?

    For instance, at LAX I normally have landings on 24R and takeoffs from 25R. However, to reduce taxi times I would like to use 24L for departures from that side of the terminal. if I have landings on 24R does that mean that I can't use 24L for either arrivals or departures? Or, is it permitted to have a plane land on 24R and then clear a take-off from 24L once the landing plane has completed its landing roll and come to a stand?



  4. 17 hours ago, MJKERR said:

    I gave in with Tower 3D and integrated graphics
    It was very erratic with Tower 2011, sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed
    Sadly Windows 10 10.93 killed it

    I had to wait until the annual computer upgrade, and now have dedicated graphics
    I suspect you have the same issue and have borderline computer hardware

    I would highly recommend upgrading, if possible

    My next computer upgrade is scheduled for September 2021, I do hope the next version of Tower is released before then, otherwise it will be a further 12 month wait...

    The upgrade spirit is willing, but the bank account is weak!



  5. 11 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

    @KymriskaDraken , simple but sometimes it helps. Please uninstall and reinstall EKCH. Try running Tower3DPro in ADMIN mode and see if that helps. 

    Also verify if there is any antivirus/firewall enabled during gameplay and try disabling it just for a test run. 

    I hadn't thought of that. I will give it a try and report back. 



  6. I've already got the graphics settings as low as they will go. I will have a fiddle and see if I can find a way round it. 

    I wouldn't have thought that CPH woukld be that taxing, especially compared with LHR. 



  7. I have an issue with EKCH freezing after about 30 minutes game play. I know I don't have the fastest graphics card in the world, but I have not had any problems with other airports. I bought CPH earlier this week so I think I have the most recent version of it and RC (airport bought via Steam, RC via feelThere website). 

    After about 30 mins the ADRIS (which I have open on my 2nd monitor) closes itself, and then the game graphics freeze; the sound continues as normal. 

    Game log attached. 




  8. Copenhagen airport (CPH/EKCH)

    I found a diagram on the airport website showing the percentage of flights using particular runways. For North Easterly operations 22L is used for landing and 22R for takeoff. For South Westerly operations 04L is used for landing and 04R for takeoff. 





  9. 3 minutes ago, crbascott said:

    What you are referring to is the time for the plane to actually move. The pushback itself is rather quick and then the plane is immediately ready to taxi which is obviously not realistic.

    It almost runs over the tug in some cases. Almost as bad as the car drivers driving on the wrong side of the road.



  10. I've had T3D for a couple of weeks and there are a couple of things that I'd like to moan about, and perhaps clarify:


    * When an aircraft contacts the tower on approach is the "Enter Final" command the most appropriate? I vaguely remember aircraft being told to "Continue approach" when they called in.

    * There doesn't appear to be a pause button on multiplayer

    * There doesn't seem to be a way of saving a session so that it can be picked up at a later time.

    * How far apart are the rings on the DBRITE?

    * Is it possible to put extra info on the strips? Things like taxi clearances would be helpful, especially if there are a lot of aircradft trundling about. 

    * Is it possible to see which way an aircraft will go after take-off? This would be helpful for sorting departure order at a busier airport. 


    That's all I can think of for now!



  11. I am having trouble trying to get port forwarding to work on my system. I have it set up in exactly the same way as for other games, but it refuses to work.


    Can anyone help me to get to teh bottom of this?




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