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  1. It almost runs over the tug in some cases. Almost as bad as the car drivers driving on the wrong side of the road. Kev
  2. I have a feeling that 30 seconds from approving pushback to the plane being ready to taxi is a bit quick! I've certainly never been on a plane that moves that fast! Kev
  3. I've had T3D for a couple of weeks and there are a couple of things that I'd like to moan about, and perhaps clarify: * When an aircraft contacts the tower on approach is the "Enter Final" command the most appropriate? I vaguely remember aircraft being told to "Continue approach" when they called in. * There doesn't appear to be a pause button on multiplayer * There doesn't seem to be a way of saving a session so that it can be picked up at a later time. * How far apart are the rings on the DBRITE? * Is it possible to put extra info on the strips? Things like taxi clearances would be helpful, especially if there are a lot of aircradft trundling about. * Is it possible to see which way an aircraft will go after take-off? This would be helpful for sorting departure order at a busier airport. That's all I can think of for now! Kev
  4. I've got this sorted now. THe rule should have port 21112 as a UDP service rather than TCP. Kev
  5. Stockholm Arlanda (ARN/ESSA) would be one of my choices. It's my local airport, just 5km away. Kev
  6. I am having trouble trying to get port forwarding to work on my system. I have it set up in exactly the same way as for other games, but it refuses to work. Can anyone help me to get to teh bottom of this? Kev
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