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  1. After installing FSUIPC (latest version) in new installation of windows (Vista 64, FSX SP2) I have a lot of crashes to desktop. The evento log: Error: Faulting application fsx.exe, version 10.0.61472.0, time stamp 0x475e17d3, faulting module SimConnect.dll, version 10.0.61637.0, time stamp 0x46fad5b6, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000049d0, process id 0xd28, application start time 0x01c8834e61c6cb5e. Information: Fault bucket 597878755, type 1 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: None Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: fsx.exe P2: 10.0.61472.0 P3: 475e17d3 P4: SimConnect.dll P5
  2. I have NoAxisIntercepts=Yes SET and calibrating axes directly If you put NoAxisIntercepts=NO and calibrating axes directly, the plane won't opperate normaly in A/P in conclusion, if the NoAxisIntercepts is with the flag NO, you cannot use the plane with A/P, FMC, etc.And this is with calibrating axes directly or calibrating with FSX
  3. Are you calibrating the Throttles via FSUIPC? I seem to remember in the FS2004 versions of some add-on aircraft (e.g. FeelThere ERJ145) you had to select the "exclude THROTTLEn_SET" option on the 4 throttles page when using that for calibration. Yes. And the exclude THROTTLEn_SET is active. The problem is the trim, not the trottles Otherwise I can't imagine how there'd be any conflict. If you don't calibrate through FSUIPC is there still a problem? If I calibrate through FSUIPC the problem appears. If I simply remove FSUIPC from de modules folder, the problem goes away. And Yes, "NoAxis
  4. What does the FSUIPC4.LOG file (in the FSX Modules folder) show? If SimConnect is playing up t may be installed incorrectly, so possibly a SimConnect log would be useful too. Please see the FSX Help announcement above. And what do LevelD say about it? Regards Pete FSUIPC.LOG ... FSUIPC4 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired Running inside FSX on Windows Vista (SimConnect SP1 May07) Module base=61000000 DebugStatus=15 156 System time = 19:22:26 156 FLT UNC path = "C:\Users\Jorge\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files" 156 FS UNC path = "C:\Program
  5. Hi I'm using FSUIPC4 version 4.115 on Windows Vista 32, and for control I use a joystick Saitek X52 and trackIR yesterday I purschase the new leveld 767 for FSX (sp1) and notice that I cannot use Vnav A/P. In other words the altitude don't stabilyze. The plane goes up and down, and to fly I have tu use all the time the trim weel But when I remove my registered version of FSUIPC (that I use to calibrate the X52) all works fine on the plane. Something is not comunicating good with simconnect. or there is some kind of conflit going on. Many people using this plane, are reporting this and
  6. I'm having problems running this modulo in vista, even when I install and start as Administrator... Sometimes vista let the FSUIPC install and appears as an adding, and sometimes simply doesn't appear at all in he add ins pull-down menu. Some erratic beaver... I manage to install it once. but even then some functions like joystick calibration didn't work as it use to work in windows XP, for example it was impossible to assign axis. :?: When can we aspect a update for vista? FSUIPC is an essential peace of software for me... :?: Thanks for you attention, and sorry for the bad English :?
  7. Hi, In FSX using the latest version of FSUIPC, during the simulation I See a constant acess to the file FSUIPC.ini. Having some impact in the performance of the system. Allways accessing. Try filemon and apply the filter "FSX" and see for your selfs. And yes I have the registered version. My question, is, Is this normal? Is this necessary?
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