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  1. Thank you and John for your prompt replies. The problem appears to be resolved basically by setting all controls back to default. Then I assigned flaps, trim etc to my X52 in FSX with FSUIPC disabled. Once I was satisfied that was working I loaded up FSUIPC then deleted all x52 assignments I made in the previous step and went through and reassigned these in FSUIPC. And that seemed to do the trick. I'm wondering if my aging X52 buttons/axes may be malfunctioning occasionally resulting in spurious results. Anyway, thanks again. As you say, FSUIPC is a straightforward mapping so something else has to be acting up.
  2. I'm not sure this OP's problem was properly answered. So, it is now 6 years later and I have encountered the same problem as OP using the latest FSUIPC 4 (4.976) and the Saitek x52. This is with the default Cessna 172. When FSUIPC is used to control flap movement the buttons presses are either ignored or else result in erroneous flap movements (such as over or under flap movement). If I use the FSX button control assignment to assign flap incr/decr to the X52 buttons everything is fine. Likewise, the FSX F6/F7 direct flap controls work fine. I have tried various "two way centre-off switches" on the X52 with the same result. So there may be subtleties in using FSUIPC for this function which escape me and I'd like to understand this. Thanks.
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