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  1. Thanks, Volker, for usual speedy reply. That now clarifies. All Best Bob
  2. Dear Volker I have now mastered all the aspects of your enchanting FSC except how to get the a/c to land on the chosen runway centreline. Using FSX standard edition - after a cont rolled descent and intermediate approach, have the runway ILS frequency set. Whether invoking the a/c model's APP mode or not, whether disengaging FSC's AutoHdg feature or not, the model usually touches down somewhere around the apron or dispersal. Have not yet managed to make a centreline landing like the old FS Nav in FS9 used to do. What, please, am I missing with this final link. Thank you and All Best Regards Bob Gregory retired BA captain
  3. Dear Volker Hope you had a pleasant holiday break. Lear 45 in FSX flying happily along a saved flightplan - keeping to track. Flight level FL330 and steady IAS. GPS 'Autoheading' engaged. Everything normal. A good 300/400 nautical miles already covered. When next viewed 10 minutes later, aircraft is way off flightplan track - flying roughly parallel to track a good 20 miles or so away. Attempts to rectify, disengage autoheading, disengage GPS, re-engage etc fail to return to normality. Eventually the aircraft ends up flying a reciprocal 180 track, again way off FP route. This hasn't happened before on the same FP when the aircraft reached destination normally each time. Please - any suggestions as to why such anomaly? Best regards Bob Gregory
  4. Dear Volker Nearly there with FSC! However, the small GPS window overlying FSX in flight has disappeared. Have triied every option apparently offered to bring it back - but failed. Flight plan made and saved. T/O and climb to altitude is normal. Because autoheading is unavailable to select (neither present on FSX screen nor on FSC screen, the a/c is paralleling flight plan track at some distance away from track centre line. Navaid flight plan chosen then annulled and substituted with direct GPS high altitude direct - makes no difference - can't resurrent the autoheading window on screen. Windows 7 32 bit - SP 1 - 4Gb RAM - loading of both programs is normal. Please advise and thanks. Bob
  5. Hi Again Volker Now perfect and a joy to play with. Thanks one more and Best Wishes Bob
  6. Dear Volker Thank you for such a speedy reply. You're great! Too late to try out your advice tonight but look forward to experimentation tomorrow. For what it's worth I attach the missing "1.jpg" again but it would appear that it's now irrelevant. Kind regards Bob
  7. Dear Volker Mystified! Please help!! Flightplan made, saved, loaded. FSX normal flying, climbing etc. GPS activated. Lear 45 - GPS and NAV selected. Aircraft veers off on its own course. Heading engaged to try to bring the a/c back to flight plan route. Whether NAV or heading selcted - no help. Have re-perused your excellent FSC manual PDF and can't see why - sems to me everytihng is as it should be - except for an unruly aircraft. I, by the way, am a retired British Airways captain who used to fly BAC-111. 1.jpg attached to show what "happened" after take off. Thank you and with best regards Bob Gregory Cardiff, Wales
  8. Hi Volker Thank you your swift reply and clarification. Again, congratulations on your elegant creation! Regards Bob
  9. Just mastering using registered FSC9.6 with FSX in Windows 7 / 32 bit. What a hugely clever piece of software is FSCommander and what a sheer joy in getting to start understanding it. Hat off to Volcker and colleagues. I have a question please - Single monitor use : When changing from FSX (with normal aircraft sound) to the FSC underlying window, the sound becomes muted then sound reappears when FSX window is re-toggled. Please - is this normal or is there a way to have sound continue when following the FSC map and its moving aircraft? Thank you rafferty5268
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