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  1. Hi, Burkhard... :D I know Flusifix very well but this was not meant. I have to wait for the right moment and the right idea to find it again. Greetings from Saheike :oops:
  2. No, Burkhard but thanks for the fast answer. There were an Editor for FSX in which one can change or edit the DLL-Files. Maybe I´ll find it again one day. Greetings from Saheike :oops:
  3. Hi... After a systemcrash I lost all my backup files. So I have to ask if anyone knows about the DLL-Editor for FSX and where to find it. Thanks for help in advance Saheike :oops:
  4. Hi... now it works all fine. Thanx for help. Greetings from Saheike :oops:
  5. Hi... Here are the Screenshots of those errors
  6. Hi@all... I need a little help with MyTrafficBoard. It doesn´t start and give me an error message instead. Does any1 know a solution for it? Greetings from Saheike :oops:
  7. Hi... nomaly there is no problem to use it with MTX and FSX. I had it for a longer time without an probs. Do you mean FSCopilot (Multiplayer Program) or Copilot as the navigation program? Both worked without any probs. Saheike :oops:
  8. Here is a tip for people who can understand german language: http://www.wolfgang-picheta.de/ it´s a very good program to edit and change some configurations of FSX or FS9. For FSX use Flusifix-2006 and for FS9 Flusifix-2002/2004. Saheike :oops:
  9. LOOOOL Vista................ ???????????? Saheike :oops:
  10. I think there is anywhere a support forum of active camera. Best is to make a thread there. Saheike :oops:
  11. the best is to rename MyTraffic 5.0a or 5.0b to another name like Backup_MyTraffic or so and to install the 5.1 for new. Then all works fine. Saheike :oops:
  12. Hi... after the last few days with problems in my sim1.dll I have thrown FSCopilot off my pc. Don´t know why but in every second or third session I got a crash with an error message of sim1.dll in both versions (FS9 and FSX). I have no fun anymore flying online. Yes Flyboi it is the FSCopilot.dll in Modules Folder. Saheike :oops:
  13. Hi, Burkhard... FSInn is a part of VATSIMS FSCopilot which is used to fly online on VATSIM servers. Here is the Link http://www.mcdu.com/en/download.php Saheike 8)
  14. na endlich.... Ich dachte schon das wird gar nichts mehr. Viel Spaß beim Fliegen. Sabine :oops:
  15. Hi, Jörg... 1. Deine dll.xml ist kaputt. Wenn ich sie öffne, kommt eine Fehlermeldung, daß bereits in Zeile 1 Unlesbares stehen muß 2. Hast du mal die FSX-cfg gelöscht, um sie beim Neustart von FSX neu erstellen zu lassen oder arbeitest du die ganze Zeit mit derselben? Wenn du Änderungen vorgenommen hast, solltest du grundsätzlich die FSX.cfg löschen und neu erstellen lassen, so hat es bei mir immer bestens geklappt. 3. in deiner Scenery.cfg sind wohl einige Scenerien deaktiviert? Ich gebe dir mal die Webadresse vom Flusi-Fix 2006, mit dem du vorab schon einige Fehler korrigieren kannst:
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