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  1. Hello Clayton There are so many things that may cause problems to list them all on this site! Please email me,where we can sort your problem out! alan-constable@sky.com
  2. Al Chemy only applies if you have a creative Sound Blaster card as I have, if you wish me to send you the files, please email at alan-constable@sky.com Alan
  3. Hello Folks I am pleased to announce that the sounds work fine in PR3D V3, after some lengthy testing I found that my sound card was causing some issues with some jets taxing with the rear thrust sounds blaring out! If you have a Creative Sound Blaster sound card you may consider in activating Al Chemy in PR3D V3. I found that this cured my problem. Alternately you could install the 3 DSound files that I can send you. Anyway all is well so far! It appears whatever you download now days installs all sorts of unnecessary programs including sound programs that will rarely be used if at all
  4. Hello Folks I have tried PR3D V3 with my sounds, I can say that all the take offs, landings and flight sounds all work! fine I am not happy with some taxing sounds on jets at very busy airports.It appears that some jets are sounding the thrust sounds when taxing. Bear with me, I am currently looking into this Alan
  5. Hello Rob Yes Traffic3D Sounds work in PR3D V1 and 2,I will have to check on V3,back to you soon Alan
  6. Hello You will need to change the Traffic3D_Sounds folder back into your Misc folder, email me and I will see if I can dig out the UT aliases to send you Alan
  7. Hello Blackline and PSBear If you are running the late MyTrafficV6 you will need the latest alias installer,MTV6 came out well after Traffic3D_Sounds was released so I was unaware of where or what Burkhead was going to produce? Please email me and I will send you the latest installer Alan alan-constable@sky.com
  8. Hello Harry I assume you want a alias installer for MyTraffic V6? or Whatever, please state what alias installer you require, email me:- alan-constable@sky.com I will then send you whatever alias installer you want! Alan
  9. You only needed to change prop to props, come on that's not hard is it? alias=Traffic3D_Sounds\prop\AI_Beech_King\Soundai alias=Traffic3D_Sounds\props\AI_Beech_King\Soundai
  10. Dear Dirk98 AS I have mentioned in my post "Anyone who needs the full install, please email me I will send them by return email" alan-constable@sky.com
  11. Hello Rob Anyone who needs the full install, please email me I will send them by return email alan-constable@sky.com
  12. Well hear it is for all those who may have found it difficult to edit their aliases, 1 click and you there! There are 2 installers,Also included is a PR3DV2 Default Aircraft alias installer, as you all know some default aircraft creep into our flightplans even though you have selected them not too! Now your Default Aircraft will use the same sounds as your MYTV6 aircraft use. You must read the README doc and the pictures supplied in the update. Limited Time only https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ulgoah0c6c7su8/MTV6.zip?dl=0 Alan Constable
  13. Hello Jay Thanks for the advice,I will give it a go,and see if it is as good as you say? Thanks Alan
  14. Hi Just to make things clear, this alias installer I done on my own back, it took me ages with a little help. Its freeware, although I don't mind doing these things, my customers are the people that purchased Traffic3D_Sounds and not MyTraffic.06. Hope you understand that I didn't have to make this alias installer as you didn't have to edit your aliases to enable all your MyTraffic aircraft. Regards Alan
  15. Yes! Please read my post. That is the update!, it will only take you a couple of minutes to do, and its not complicated. Regards Alan
  16. I have just purchased MyTraffic Professional Ver 6, but sadly you will need to edit some of the aliases so as to enable you to enjoy all your MyTraffic aircraft.It is a very easy job to do, go to your MyTraffic\Aircraft folder open the aircraft folders listed below,then open the Soundai folder,click and open then Soundai.cfg. Put a "S" to make it spell "Props" instead of "Prop" in the following aircraft's:- C150aMX \C150wMX \C172 \C206aMX \C206wMX \C212MX \Cessna120MX \DH6MX \DH81MX \DO328MX \Emb120MX \Fokker27MX \IslanderMX \JS41MX MetroIIIMX \P68MX \Saab340MX \VanRV6aMX \VanRV6MX The
  17. Hi Harry First you should have downloaded Traffic3D_Sounds and not Traffic_Sounds which is my older version. You need to install Traffic_Sounds or Traffic3D_Sounds folder into a temp folder on your desk top,then all you need to do is to drag/copy and install the folder named either Traffic_Sounds or Traffic3D_Sounds that is in your temp folder into the MyTraffic V6 aircraft folder.Thats it!
  18. Hello Clayton This is a alias installer only, if you download the installer, there should be a doc file that explains all you need to know! Regards Alan
  19. If anybody wishes to lay their hands on a Alias installer for the latest MyTrafficV6. My thanks goes out to Dylan who helped me create this installer Regards Alan alan-constable@sky.com Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ulgoah0c6c7su8/MTV6.zip?dl=0
  20. Hello Dylan If you got it, please email me with installation details! Thanks Alan
  21. Hi Dylan Sorry I thought you meant PR3D was introducing a new update, having reviewed your post again you are referring to a MyTraffic update. Up to now I have not received any update for MyTraffic, so I will construct an update as soon as I know what they have produced! Regards Alan
  22. Hello Dylan To be quite honest, I was unaware that PR3D was going to introduce another update so shortly after their last update, unless they dramatically change their system structure I cant see any reason why my sounds should not work. Its worth noting that some sound cards were unable to connect with PR3D for full DirectX sounds, I have 3 small files that will correct this, please email me and I will send them to you. In the meantime we will have to wait and see? Regards Alan
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