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  1. Burkhard,All I get is an indication that the forks have increased to some point. But the manual titled MyTraffic X Editor Manual Version 5.4 Section 34 shows that I should get a windows titled Network Plan where I can enter Airline ICAO codes, Airline Name, Flight Number, etc... I never see this window open when I run the line to it. Regards, Tom
  2. Thank you Simon, I have not had a chance to really dive into the trace portion of STB, I enjoy the program but it is still a bit of a mystery to me, I feel that there is so much more I can be doing with it. One question I do have for you, if I may... If I create a traffic BGL in My Traffic X, start up FSX and STB will / can STB modify what AC are available? I have noticed that MTX will schedule flights but when I look on STB they are not scheduled? Again, great program really do enjoy it and looking forward to learning more about it as time goes on. Regards, Tom
  3. Hello, Anyone having problems with the network plan to work in the latest version. I have never really used it but I was reading through the editor manual and found the section on it. Seems like a great idea and I wanted to use it to schedule my airline into some smaller places that don't normally get much traffic. However, when I load the *,myt file and click on schedule - network plans the number of forks increases but I do not get the window that is shown in the manual. Any ideas on what is going on here? Windows 7, FSX, MYT 3.4C
  4. Good evening, Can anyone explain to me why when I create a schedule the box that pops up Progress of random schedules for example goes into a not responding state and then pops back out and continues on, with its work, most of the time. I assume that its a false indication that the program has hung up but it sure is tempting to cuss at it and stop and restart it. Is this a normal function or do I have something set wrong. Regards, Tom
  5. Hello, Not sure if this is an STB problem, FSX or Mytraffic. I suspect STB so I will start here. When I compile and load a new set of AI traffic from mytraffic I get a bunch of Mooney20T aircraft that appear only on STB. They are not at the airports and I cant seem to find a reference to them in any of the mytraffic files. STB reports them as scheduled but nothing ever happens to them. They are just taking up space on my STB board. I want to make them go away, can anyone point me in the right direction on how and why this mystery plane is showing up on STB? Regards, Tom
  6. Hello, I am a registered user of FSC 9. I recently cleaned off my hard drive and took the opportunity to install a fresh copy of FSC 9.3 not the upgrade but the trial SW, I was thinking I could use my existing key. My key is not recognized and it appears to be in a different format then what is being asked for. My question is should I be able to do a new install of FSC9.3 or do I have to do the upgrade path from 9.X to 9.3. I really hate adding the patches one by one but if this is what I have to do then I guess that is what I have to do. Regards, Tom Anderson
  7. Hello, As a registered owner of MTX 5.4A is there a way I can get the entire MTX 5.4C release SW with out going through the upgrade process. (I just want MTX 5.4C as if I was buying it new) I am sorting SW and some programs (not MTX) I have have 4 or more updates to them and I would just like to get the latest version. I will be rebuilding my system and it would be a great time to do a fresh install not an upgrade. If it is possible. Thanks. Tom
  8. Thanks for the reply, Wow that is different. Any chance in a future patch to have this changed to maybe mimic a real TCAS warning like that would go out as "Traffic Traffic Traffic" on a WAV file? Again, thanks for the quick reply and at least now I know that I have to look and listen very closly. Regards, Tom
  9. Sascha, Thanks for the quick reply. However, I do have the TCAS sound mark checked and no sound. I assume that there is a WAV file associated with this action so I did a search for all WAV files and the only WAV file I found was the "SwitchWP.WAV" Can you tell me where the TCAS warning sound file is located or offer any other ideas on why its does not seem to be working. Please note that the SwitchWP file does play at the appropriate time from FSC 9 so I am confident that my system is working correctly. Regards, Tom Anderson
  10. Hi, I am using FSC9 on a networked computer and everything is running well. With the exception of the audio alert from the TCAS system. I on final after a long flight and got ran over by a 737... the last words I heard was FEDEX XXX go around, followed by a mid air collision. I also, noticed out of the corner of my eye just before the collision but too late to do anything that TCAS warned me by flashing my AC and the FEDEX bird in RED but my attention was on the landing not FSC 9. If I would have gotten an audio alert I would know to look and take action. So did I misread FSC 9 and I don't
  11. Not a problem, I noticed that no matter what font size I selected it did not change on the map. So a reboot of the system was done and problem solved. I now have three sizes although small is got to be for the young kids out here because I sure could never read it. Anyway thanks for the reply and a great program. Tom
  12. Hello, Great program... I am running this on a second computer with a 21 inch LCD panel that is about 2.5 feet away from me, my problem is that I am getting to old to read small letters. I have the largest font selected in FS Commander, but it is just a hair too small for me to read. I noticed also that the GPS windows is a bit small but in looking for an answer I found that it can not be changed in size, too bad but I can live with this for another year or so :-). Maybe we can put this on a wish list for a future update? But for now is there anyway to make the font on the map windows an
  13. Can you tell me will these sound files work with MT 2006? If not where can I get the one for MT2006 ver 4.0 Thanks much Tom tjander@verizon.net
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