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  1. Time was easier. Let's see if Lufthansa aquires SAS, then we might see new schemes again...
  2. Well Golden Air charters out their aircraft to different operators, but they fly in Golden Air scheme.. So collecting schedules would mean checking for the airlines who uses Golden Air aircrafts...
  3. SAAB340, SAAB2000, ATR 72-500 but they fly in "Golden Air"'s livery. I don't recall if Golden Air is included?
  4. Thanks for the information. I did not know that :) While I have you on the line Burkhard; there is a regional Swedish airline called "Kullaflyg" do you plan to include them into the 5.2b?
  5. If I remeber correctly Air Berlin flies with a few different models.
  6. Good work =) May I request the Ryanair 734 as well :) ? I also think the Air Berlin aircrafts needs some facelift too..
  7. The development should never stop! 16 times the pixels is alot but well worth the work. Because they are simply stunning! The current world situation does not help either. I hope everything turns around to the positive side soon.
  8. A large photo for a very large aircraft :)
  9. The Delta's could use some updates som good idea :)
  10. Jo jag får hålla med. Personligen gillar jag inte att flyga med Microsoft's påhittade flygbolag som Orbit etc... Jag har varit med MTX i över 1½ år nu och det är väldigt roligt att se nya modeller och målningar komma fram. Bara en nackdel att FSX kräver så mycket mer av datorn än vad som finns att köpa på marknaden
  11. Jag tror att denna version kommer att vara bland de bästa någonsin! One of the best ever released!
  12. hehe perfect timing I guess. I can't wait until the 5.2 :)
  13. Here is the second and last part of the Saab 340 series. Link: http://www.childcareuf.com/SaabFSXPart2.rar Adria Airways Aeroliteral Bimini Colgan Air Colgan Air - Continential Colgan Air - United Colgan Air - US Airways DOT LT Estonian Finncomm Golden Air Japan Coast Guard Murray Air Nordic Airways Norse Air NRT OCA OLT Prince Edward Air RobinHood Enjoy :D
  14. Jag förstår. Huvudsaken är att vi nordbor håller ihop! Har inte sett så många av "oss" i FS världen. Well, that's up to Burkhard so wait for his reply :)
  15. Enjoy! A319-t Finnair OneWorld.rar
  16. Hehe det får jag hålla med om! Så du är också från Sverige? Trevligt med någon som talar som mig!!
  17. From my point of view, I really like fresh paints :)
  18. I can do it, if it's okey. Looks like the A340:)
  19. Here is the first part of the Saab 340 paints. http://www.childcareuf.com/Saab340FSXPart1.rar including: Aeroservicios Gama Air Burkina Air Nelson Air Rarotonga American Eagle Avitrans Nordic CalmAir Carpatair Central Connect Citylink Corporate Express Danish Air Transport Eznis Flamingo Airlines Fleet Air International Hokkaido Air System IBC Japan Air Commuter Lagun Air Loganair Macair Mali Air Express Mesaba MRK Nordic Solutions Air Services Pacific Coast Penair Provincial Airlines RAF-AVIA Regional Express Ryjet Saint-Ex Cargo Sky Bahamas Sky Express Cargo Skytaxi Sol Solinair Transwest Air
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