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  1. Hi everyone, I´ve tried to find a solution for this for quite some time but now I´m thinking that I need a new perspective because I´m stuck. My problem: I´m using FS9 with Radar Contact (RC) 4.2.3831 and Flightsim Commander 8.6 (FSC) for flightplanning (mostly flight in Europe). Usually I start FSC first ,select the departure airport, download real weather and do the departure and arrival planning based on the weather info FSC provides. Since FSC doesn´t tell me which rwy is in use , I do an intelligent guess based on the wind direction given by FSC. After that I save the flightplan for use with RC. Next I fire up FS9 (put the plane at the departure airport - gate) and also download real weather. Then I start RC with the saved FSC-flightplan. First thing I notice that if I compare the ATIS info by FS9 and the WX report by RC they´re quite different (sometimes FS9 has Oscar and RC has Lima). Next thing is that I might have planned the wrong departure because now there is a different runway in use (FS9 has Rwy X in use and RC tells me it´s Rwy Z - same can happen upon arrival). I´ve tinkered with a selfmade preflight procedure and switched steps back an forth. But I always seem to come back to the problem of how to begin the flightplanning. Which weather to use to avoid having to do the planning and routing again. I´ve already placed a similar thread within the RC support forum. I got the advice there to update the FSUIPC Module (now version 3.98)along with the Makerwys Tool (now version 4.43 which I both did. It was also the use of a programm named Active Sky V 6.5 mentioned. Is the use of AS the only solution for this? Do I have to buy another program? I´d like to do flightplanning with weather info so I know which SID/Star to use . Also I´d like to have ATC guidance (without having to use online atc- I´m not that good yet :grin: hence the use of Radar Contact. And (to make matters worse) I´d like to do all of that with the Air Simmer Airbus. Am I the only one who is trying to use FSC and RC together ??? Thanks in advance Regards Torsten
  2. Hi All. I´ve just added the WILCO CRJ 200-900 to my fs-hangar, but the aircraft database within the FSC doesn´t include those. Are there updates to this internal aircraft database availlable or is this database meant to be manually updated only? Question to all: Does somebody already have the data for the CRJ ? I would deeply appreciate getting this data, because it would save me a lot of searching thru the internet. Many thx in advance and Merry X-Mas to all fellow flight-sim-enthusiasts. Torsten Location: EDDK
  3. Hi again, all I did was to install RC V 4.2 using the auto installer. I was using AdvDisp (I guess v 2.1.4.) before and I think RC V 4.2 came with the latest version of Adv Disp (V, which was also installed automatically. (Maybe without deleting the old files first?) I did notice however, that there were some additional buttons on the AdvDisp menu afterwards, when I rightclicked into the AdvDisp window and also that the background of the AdvDisp window was transparent. ( which was the prob it all started with). At that moment I wasn´t aware of the functionality of FSUIPC (ATC-window) and I surely hadn´t activated it (unless it is activated by default). So when I clicked on AdvDisp in Modules, the window came on-without the checkmark- (like seen in the attachment). So when I turned on FSNav the AdvDisp was displayed there also - maybe because I didn´t "dock" the window. Another click on AdvDisp in Modules and the window was off. I also noticed -like you´ve mentioned in another thread-, that I had to click exactly on a letter of the text, which was displayed in this AdvDisp window in order to get to the menu of AdvDisp. But meanwhile I´ve switched to the ATC window of FSUIPC. I just wanted clarify what I did, before I opened this thread. It worked before I did the RC update and afterwards it didn´t. And I just couldn´t figure out why, because it almost looked the same to me. Thanks again for your time Yours Torsten
  4. Hi Pete :oops: I apologize for asking stupid questions. But I wasn´t aware that FSUIPC 3.70 was able to display ATC Data. Out of ignorance I suppose. All I cared about was the joystick calibration. But Adv Disp was working just fine before the update and when it didn´t afterwards, I was a bit confused. I already did the update of FSUIPC 3.71 and also studied the manual and found everything you´ve pointed out. Again sorry for stealing you time Torsten :oops:
  5. Hi all :-) I´ve upgraded my Radar Contact to V 4.2. It came with a cd and an automatic installer. During the installation I had to choose if I wanted a full or minimum install. Both included AdvDisp and FSUIPC. After the installation process I´ve noticed, that the Adv Disp window won´t accept any change in back color. The Background stays transparent (see attachment). I also noticed that the checkmark on the left side of the ADV Disp entry in "Modules" doesn´t show, although the AdvDisp window is displayed. Also the Adv Disp window is displayed, even when I leave the Flightsim. Before this update everything was peachy. I really don´t know what to do, because I can´t remember tweaking anything. Does someone know, if I did a wrong turn somewhere? Oh and another question. I´m using a registered version of FSUIPC 3.70 since July 06. Do I have to buy FSUIPC again if I want to update /upgrade to V 4.05? Thanks in advance for your time Yours Torsten :(
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