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  1. Is 2.3 basically a UT fix? Meaning STB users that don't use UT would see no benefit to update to 2.3?
  2. If I put the User plane in slew mode ("Y" key in FSX), then I lose all sound (and with it, all ATC).
  3. Is there anyway to get rid of the "Traffic Alert, Experimental, Less than one mile, Report them in sight"? This is one thing that's annoyed me since using MRAI's TVB with FS9. I know it's not a STB issue, but was wondering if anyone has a clue how to trick FSX into ignoring the user plane altogether while shadowing an AI flight? As for STB, I can't tell you how pleased I am with it Simon. It has filled a gap that's been missing since FSX came out and TVB wouldn't work with it. I hardly ever get any flying in now, just shadow AI flights. I truly love this addon.
  4. Thanks, I'll skip it then as I'm mostly WOAI and custom traffic.
  5. Is this a general patch/update, or just for UT2 users?
  6. Just a quick FYI, with the website now being split into two directions (one for STB and one for 777-HD), the support link on the STB side is not working. The support link on the 777-HD is though and still leads one to this forum.
  7. Simon, thanks for the reply. After spending a lot more time with STB, I'm finding that a lot of what I want is there, you just have to go about getting it a different way. It really is an amazing program. Thank you, James
  8. Does anybody know who runs the http://fstraffic.50webs.com/ logo site? I have updated just about all of their logos for WOAI, adding a boarder around each logo, adding all the missing logos I could find, etc. The border around the logos makes the View Board look much better. I would like to submit these updates to this person but need to know who to contact. Here's a couple shots of what the logos look like in the View Board:
  9. I just purchased STB and for the most part am very happy with it. I have a coupe issues such as stuttering if I switch views and certain AI going missed approach if I'm shadowing them, etc. but I'm working it out. I bought it for FSX because I missed Traffic View Board that I loved so much with FS9. There is one feature that I do not see from TVB that I'd like to request. In TVB, you could view Arrivals, Departure, Everything or "In Flight". In flight were aircraft within a radius of you that were at or near there cruise alt. and could have both Departure and Arrival airports both different
  10. Thanks for the reply, I'm still using FS9 although I've been trying to decide if I'm going to change to FSX or not. I found the Military wishlist post after I posted the above and posted the lists I had for US military ICAO codes and aircraft for Marine, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard in there.
  11. UNITED STATES COAST GUARD HC-130 Air Stations CGAS Sacramento CA CGAS Clearwater FL CGAS Elizabeth City NC CGAS Kodiak AK CGAS Barbers Pt. HI HU-25A Air Stations CGAS Cape Cod Massachusetts CGAS Mobile Alabama CGAS Corpus Christi Texas CGAS Miami Florida CGAS Borinquen Puerto Rico HH-60J Air Stations ATC Mobile Alabama CGAS Kodiak Alaska CGAS Sitka Alaska CGAS San Diego California CGAS Clearwater Florida CGAS Cape Cod Massachusetts CGAS Elizabeth City NC CGAS Astoria OR HH-65A Air Stations CGAS Traverse City Michigan CGAS Barbers Point Hawaii CGAS Borinquen Puerto Rico
  12. UNITED STATES MARINES MCAF Stewart Field NY (KSWF) KC-130T NAS Willow Grove PA (KNXX) CH-53E AH-1W UH-1N NAF Washington MD (KADW) (Andrews AFB) F/A-18A UC-12B MCAF Quantico VA (KNYG) VH-46F CH-53E VH-60N VH-3D CH-46E MV-22B NAS Oceana Det. Norfolk VA (KNGU) CH-46E MCAS Cherry Point NC (KNKT) AV-8B AV-8B+ EA-6B KC-130F KC-130J KC-130R C-9B UC-12B HH-46D MCAS New River NC (KNCA) CH-46E UH-1N AH-1W CH-53 MH-53E MV-22B UC-12B MCAS Beaufort SC (KNBC) F/A-18C UC-12B HH-46D NAS Atlanta GA (KNCQ) F/A-18A AH-1W UH-1N NAS New Orleans LA (KNBG)
  13. UNITED STATES NAVY NAS Brunswick ME (KNHZ) P-3C C-130T UC-12B UH-1N NAS South Weymouth MA (KNZW) UC-12B NAS Glenview IL (KNBU) UC-12B NAS Willow Grove PA (KNXX) P-3C C-9J UC-12B NAF Washington MD (KADW) (Andrews AFB) C-20D C-20G EA-6B VP-3A UC-12B Dahlgren VA (KNDY) Various instructional aircraft NAS Patuxent River MD (KNHK) P-3C S-3A/B SH-3 SH-60B/F C-2A UC-12B C-130T KC-130F E-2C E-6B S-3A/B NT-34C P-3C NP-3C NP-3D E2C-2000 AH-1Z UH-1N UH-1Y SH-2F/G NVH-3A SH-3H UH-3H VH-3D CH-46E CH-53E TH-57C NAS Patuxent River MD (KNHK) (CONT) SH-6
  14. What I've found so far... UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ALABAMA Birmingham IAP / Sumpter Smith ANGB (KBHM) KC-135R (AL ANG) Maxwell AFB (KMXF) C-21A C-130H Montgomery RAP/ Dannely Field (KMGM) F-16C (AL ANG) F-16D (AL ANG) C-26B (AL ANG) ALASKA Eielson AFB (PAEI) F-16CG F-16DG A-10A OA-10A KC-135R RC-135S HH-60G Elmendorf AFB (PAED) F-15C F-15D F-15E C-130H C-12F C-12J E-3B E-3C Anchorage IAP / Kulis ANGB (PANC) C-130H HC-130H(N) HH-60G ARIZONA Luke AFB (KLUF) F-16A F-16B F-16C F-16D Phoenix Sky Harbor IAP (KPHX) KC-135E (AZ ANG) Davis Monthan AFB (
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