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  1. Done, will check if the come back when starting the sim again. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. That look a lot better, at least with the FSL airbus. TheFSUIPC6.log only aircraft I can test at the moment, the others are not yet installed. FSUIPC6.ini
  3. Hi John Thanks for jumping in, attached the latest ini and log files. With the original one, you mean the one from v4? FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  4. Hi Pete Yes, I did indeed do both. So i ditched the .ini file and started again with the one I uploaded here earlier. I still do get the warning messages and the joysticks are not working. Attached the new .ini files with the warning message. No worries about beeing out of office. FSUIPC6.ini
  5. Hi Pete I do indeed not have the original ini file with the fresh install, just overwrote ist. I changed now the JoyNames as suggested by you and yes the T.320 is the Thrustmaster airbus stick. The result after loading the sim is now: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 2=Alpha Flight Controls 2.GUID={DEDD1DD0-1723-11EC-8007-444553540000} 4=CH Pro Pedals USB Rudder Pedals 4.GUID={DEDDBA10-1723-11EC-800D-444553540000} 3=T.A320 Pilot 3.GUID={DEDD6BF0-1723-11EC-800A-444553540000} 0=Bravo Throttle Quadrant 0.GUID={DED29680-1723-11EC-8002-444553540000} 1=TCA Q-Eng 1&2 1.GUID={DED2BD90-1723-11EC-8004-444553540000} 0.WARNING=This joystick was ID 2, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 1.WARNING=This joystick was ID 4, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 2.WARNING=This joystick was ID 3, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 3.WARNING=This joystick was ID 0, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 4.WARNING=This joystick was ID 1, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings A=<< MISSING JOYSTICK >> << MISSING JOYSTICK >> B=<< MISSING JOYSTICK >> << MISSING JOYSTICK >> D=<< MISSING JOYSTICK >> << MISSING JOYSTICK >> C=<< MISSING JOYSTICK >> << MISSING JOYSTICK >> So the numbers seem have to changed back to the state before I manually edited them.
  6. Thank you for the super fast reply Pete, please find the files attached.FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  7. Hi guys I just jumped to v5 and also update some hardware parts (mainboard, gpu) together with a fresh windows install. I dropped than my "old" fsuipic6 files from the old disk into the newly installed one. In the sim my profiles are correctly loaded, however all my button and axis assignments seem to be gone within the profile, even they are still there in the .ini file. My flying hardware is all the same as before, no changes there. Any way to get my old profile back to work without having to assign everything again?
  8. Hi John It is the verhicle title. I fixed the problem with adding Boeing as a 2nd substring in the ini file.
  9. Good evening John One additional question. Is the entry under Vehicle title the one where substring "reads" the information. Because I flew with G-CIVT today and the buttons I programmed before did not work. Since there is no PMDG entry, this might be the reason for it?
  10. Toggle Flight Director did the job 🙂 I was looking only under Flight Director Thank you so much Dani
  11. Hello John It's all working now. The problem was within the numbers under [Profile.Boeing]. Just put it to 1=PMDG now and 747 and 777 are working as they should. Thank you so much. One thing I noticed there is no button to be mapped for flight director on/off? Dani
  12. I did read it, but as a non-native english speaker I had my problems to fully understand it. I got confused because in the user guides it says that the substring thing is not satisfactory and now we should use profiles. Since I am not planning to have more than 3 different settings (Boeing, Airbus and general for the rest) I thought the substring way should be still enought for my going forward. My understanding of the substring thing is, when I call my profile "Boeing" then all aircraft that have the name Boeing will use my Boeing-profile but this is not the case. As I said I will dobule check the ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring again tonight, even I am pretty sure I already checked that before. What I still don't understand 100% where I have to use the substring, once I made sure the setting in [GENERAL] is set properly. Where should that "1=PMDG 747" entry go that you specified above?
  13. Hello again My profile is called "Boeing" 🙂 The substring to be used I enter directly unter the ShortAircraftnameOK parameter in the ini-file right? Does it change anything if I change between two different joysticks? It souldn't make a difference I reckon?
  14. Hi John Thank you for getting back. I thought I checked this already, but I will double check once at home. When I understand you correctly I would rename my "Boeing" profile to "PMDG 747" and the copy that profile and name it "PMDG 777" if I want to use the same config for my 777 fleet? Dani
  15. Hi Pete I am a long time user but just recently started to use the full potential of FSUIPC. Until my honeycomb yoke arrives I still use an old Saitek X52 as my joystick. I disabled the joystick in P3Dv4.5 and sent up all the axes, buttons nicely via FSUIPC, that worked all fine. I set up a profile called "Boeing" when I did the setup within a 747. Even after reading the User Guide and the advanced guide I still struggle to fully understand how to bring this "Boeing" profile to work with another 747 (different livery, still PMDG) or even a PMDG 777 aircraft? How should I tell FSUIPC to use the self created profile? I can see the "Boeing" entries in the .ini file, so I assume I did this part correctly. Can you give me a hint? Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards Dani
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