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  1. Hi John, Thank you so much for your fast reply. As soon as started reading your answers, I knew that I shouldn't have to write you about my issues. All my programmed buttons are working again, all is resolved !! Stupid me 🙄🥴. I actually didn't remove and reinstalled FSUIPC. I always update with the installer which remove the old and add the new files files, as you discribed. So that couldn't be the issue. About the "functions" I meant the presets, and here you are right. So I restarted how to reprogram the buttons but unexpected I saw "Select for Preset". And there I was wrong, I selected "Select for FS control". Thát's the reason why I couldn't find the A32NX presets. After selecting Presets, I knew that I was on the right way and within a few minutes it was all done. I only had to search to get the bat1 & 2 buttons working again. I had to select "OVHD ELEC BATTERY 1 TOGGLE" instead of "A32NX OH ELEC BAT1 TOG", same for bat2 and that's quiet confusing. Anyway all is back as before, except that I don't know how it could happen. Best regards and again excuse me for disturbing you with my faults. You may close this topic as resolved. Peter
  2. Hello John, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've been searching the forum but didn't find a comparing topic. A few months ago I had issues how to program buttons on my TCA for the FBW (switching Batt1 & 2 on/off). With your help I could solve my issues and the buttons have been working until today. I updated FSUIPC to the current version and my buttons no longer work. I checked the ini file and all settings with A32NX were gone (I don't know what happened). So I tried to reinstall them but in the assignments/buttons dropdown list but all the A32NX functions are gone. My questions are : - has there been something wrong during the update ? If yes, do I have to uninstall and reinstall FSUIPC from scratch to get them back in the dropdown list ? - if the A32NX functions are no longer available in the current version, where can I download the latest FSUIPC version which still contain these functions ? - If the A32NX functions are no longer available in the current version, do I have to reprogram the buttons with the Huphop presets as best solution (if I can't download an older version) ? Many thanks for your support and have a nice weekend. Peter
  3. Hi John, Here are the results what I have done for the Bat1 & 2 switches on the FBW A320 (dev version). First I updated FSUIPC to version 7.3.2 and I brought back the ini file to default. I selected Assignments/Buttons & Switches, pushed the button on the TQ, Select for FS control, selected “Preset:OVHD ELEC BATTERY 1 TOGGLE” in the pulldown menu, parameter set to 1. It works from the first time. I did the same for Bat2 and bingo ! Both switches are doing the job. To be sure I did it also for external power and this works great too. It was much more easier than I thought and tried before. Thanks for your support and best regards, Peter
  4. Thank you very much, John ! I’ll try it when I’m back home from Austria next week.
  5. Hi Werner, I just started to program buttons with FSUIPC. I have been reading and searching in forums and YT videos for already 3 days with no results. Your reply to Borja is the first real example that I have found so far and that I maybe can use to program BAT1 & BAT2 for the FBW A320 on my new Thrustmaster TCA. I really do understand that John can not make the code for everyone. Otherwise for non-English native language people, the manuals are not easy at all and to interpret. If I can code both BAT switches, I’ll try the 3 position landing lights but I’m afraid that it’s a no-go at all. Anyway I can continue after March 20th because I’ll be in Austria. Thank you very much for your step_by_step description. Peter
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