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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm very interested in seeing if there's a fix for the apparent missing file. For what it's worth, I added a few PAI GA, Commercial, and cargo planes and I did manage to see a DC-10 cargo plane parked in the cargo area. I'm now seeing lots of ga's in and around the airport. A few are parked in the ga area. No commercial planes yet. I never knew how much fun this could be. I think I spend as much time reading and experimenting as I do flying.
  2. New to FSX and MyTraffic and love them both! My question is regarding Luxair and the Luxembourg airport ELLX. I fly there often to visit family and though it's a relatively small airport I always see a plane of two at the gates. Cargolux is often there as well. With MyTraffic installed and my FSX traffic settings set to the highest setting I have landed there in the day and evening and have yet to see a single plane. Are there Luxair planes with MyTraffic? If not, how can I add Luxair? Thanks for your help.
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