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  1. Only minor changes to this version. Added the water tower, parking lot next to the parking garage structure and modified some taxiway/apron/parking spot connections and markings to more closely resemble currect specs. KMDT.zip
  2. Anyone can use Jim's lights for their personal use. Simply use the link to download and follow the directions I provided to install and you will always have them active. Jim has also given permission for airport developers to include his lights in their freeware packages.
  3. In order to see the apron and Terminal spot lighting you'll need to install the lights package from Jim Dhaenens. Jim's lights can be downloaded from flightsim: http://www.flightsim.com/file.php?cm=SESX_LTS.ZIP To install Jim's lights, place the lightobj.bgl file in your ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\scenery folder and almwht.dds and lights1.dds files in ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\Texture folder KMDT represents a modification/enhancement to the stock FSX airport. Airport specifications have been updated using information from Virtual Earth, Airnav
  4. It's taken a lot longer than I had anticipated but I finally had some time tonight to test the The hybrid option 3 uses the curved approach technique same as option 1 only the LOC symbol/Freq. has been removed leaving only the ILS header info with a hard floor FAF point for AI to use. The ILS info has been placed at the end of the approach list and in theory should not be offered to the user. There's no ILS symbol or freq. Benefit of this option is that under certain conditions when the 7s/19s are active, AI will no longer fly through the mountains. If you spend enough time observing
  5. @scnrfrg - thanks for the AF2 file. After reviewing your file I see that it matches exactly to the specs of the airports.txt file that you show and I also note that this file was designed for fs9. First things first; locate the airports.txt file that you created when you dumped the airports lists in FSX and place the file in your MyTraffic X directory. Now follow the instructions I provided earlier to import the airports.txt file and run create all files and traffic. If you examine your AF2 file closely it contains 3 oversized fs9 gate sizes and 10 ramps. The name and type for the parking
  6. Your properties box indicates that your gates have a maximum radius of zero. Can you zip and attach a copy of your KERI - assuming this is your file. Also, what is the date of the airport.txt file. Was it dated today after you performed the dump? You then imported the txt file as indicated in my post? Your properties dialogue is not representing your airports.txt file.
  7. When you look at the departure schedules for KERI what airlines do you see? Can you attach a copy of your airport properties dialogue for KERI? The one I've attached is for the FSX default airport. Are you certain that you don't have two copies of KERI active at the same time?
  8. @scnrfrg - KERI can reside anywhere you wish. You only need to activate it in the FSX scenery. To bring traffic to your personal KERI, when in FSX, use the tools menu and perform a dump airports list. The file should be pointed to your mytraffic X directory to make things easy. End FSX - you can stay in the FSX UI but you will need to temporarily uncheck MyTraffic X from the FSX scenery priority list. Once uncheck allow FSX to rebuild the database. We'll come back to the FSX UI later. Now open the MyTraffic X editor and open the .myt file. Using the pulldown menu, go to airport and cli
  9. In your version of KMSP you are missing most of the navaids (waypoints/T_waypoints) for the airport area. This will cause the approach to look incorrect when viewed using the approach mode in ADE. Did you use ADE and work from a clean copy or did you update the BR2_KMSP.bgl? If the latter, which I suspect, you can use ADE to import the missing waypoints. By doing so you will see the approaches as they should be. Also, don't forget that approaches change over time (and the ACES team made some mistakes as well) and the FSX info used was frozen in 2005. A Localizer approach is an ILS approac
  10. Thanks for doing this. Two small suggestions: First, Rwy 17 is a LOC/DME approach and not an ILS approach. Also, you have the final approach leg starting with the transition from GEP. You should build the final approach legs using IF CF CF...Rwy legs using the backward waypoint placement technique. Then the transitions can be added afterwards. I would suggest you use the official plates so users will also recognize the approach using the same plates. The ILS for Rwy 35 is incomplete. It would appear that you have used ADE to create the ILS? But then you have added in the IF from the app
  11. Rod - you hit the nail on the head. The trafficdatabasebuilder.exe is required to create schedules, files and traffic. This program belongs to Microsoft and unlike the fs9 version can't be distributed by 3rd party vendors. If you deleted 5.2b, you will need to get a copy from your SDK folder.
  12. No need to uninstall 5.2b if you have a full version of 5.3. Simply rename your existing MyTraffic folder (v5.2b) to something like MyTraffic52b and install the full v5.3. Do not go into FSX until v5.3 is installed. Once v5.3 is installed, as far as FSX is concerned nothing has changed. Now you should have two MyTraffic folders (the renamed 5.2b and the new 5.3). Once you are satisfied that 5.3 is working you can backup and/or delete 5.2b.
  13. This is one of those airports that could use an overhaul -- past the point of no return in terms of a simple fix. The approach information plus DPs/STAR info has changed since 2005. The airline parking needs to be revised and as noted there is one missing Terminal and two other Terminals that need extensions -- plus all gate numbers and number of gates need to be changed. Also, the Br2_ version appears to be missing the jetways. I have not examined the taxiways/signs closely but these may need some adjustments as well. Without going too crazy on detail and eye candy this is probably a wee
  14. I'm not sure of the difference between North and South Poles, but ADE reported the fake runways for the earlier version of KTPA contained a different elevation compared to the airport itself. Not sure what effect this may have on the crosswind technique. I did some research last night and it would appear that the crosswind runway is the least concern for KTPA. Either the airport has undergone a total renovation since 2005 or ACES missed some Terminals.
  15. A tutorial by Jim Vile explains the two crosswind runway cases. The tutorial is available in the download section of the ADE home page. From my experience, most complaints come as a result of the simple method used to crosswind an airport when in fact the more advanced method should have been used. KDCA is the perfect example of the need to use the advanced crosswind runway technique. The simple method produced an undesirable and unrealistic result. What Bob described may have been the result of two AFCAD files active at the same time or (and I haven't checked this) the fake runways were
  16. Looks like the 5.2b version of KTPA dated April 2007 contained the fake grass runways. The version of KTPA I was looking at is newer and designed for v5.3. @Burkhard, you may wish to activate the crosswind in the KTPA version for v5.3.
  17. Which KTPA did you make passive? I looked at the MyTraffic X version of KTPA and it doesn't use the crosswind runway technique...there are no fake grass runways -- only the stock runways. From your description I would imagine that there is another KTPA active. It's a good idea to only have one version of the same airport active at any given time. Looks like you've taken care of that.
  18. Did anyone have a problem with ATC not recognizing the ILS/RNAV approaches and not providing them as on option to the user? In other words, does ATC only offer vectors to a visual approach only? A corrected version with ATC providing vectors to the ILS has been provided for upload to MTX v5.3. However, the version that will ship with MTX is OPTION1, i.e., 9L/27R dedicated for landing and 9R/27L dedicated for takeoff. If you are experiencing the problem I described above and would like a corrected version with OPTION 2 post here and I will provide one. I'm also working on a new release of
  19. Planes parking in buildings is not acceptable. Burkhard created a thread called "airports that need geometry changes" for this very purpose. Your uploads could go there. Thanks for doing this...always welcomed!
  20. As I recall, the initial airport enhancements preceeded Accel as well as the current airport design utilites that exist today. Burkhard created his own tools and developed a batch process to enable him and those helping to "quickly" enhance the important airports to improve parking and if needed fix critical issues such as hold short problems. I don't think Burkhard was too concerned about accuracy of the FSX stock scenery in terms of the location of aprons and airport buildings etc. As you know, if you wish to correctly enhance FSX stock airports you should start from scratch and never wor
  21. @Burkhard, with the addition of EDVPx will our new airports VTBS and LEDA be recognized and spoken? @Sparky, there's no such problems with the nonAccel version of 4SD -- the problems you show simply don't display. It's possible that 4SD was modified for Accel -- are there special races there in Accel? The MTX version was enhanced based on the nonAccel version -- Burkhard will need to confirm as I did not participate in the initial airport enhancement process. If this is the case we may need two versions of 4SD and this explains why your 4SD is displaying problems. NRR -- thanks for the pi
  22. Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport -- TKPK TKPK is an international airport located just northeast of Basseterre, on the island of Saint Kitts, serving the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. TKPK represents a modification to the stock FSX TKPK. Some key changes since FSX data was frozen in 2005. See the installation file enclosed for more information. IMPORTANT: In order to see the apron spot lighting you'll need to install the wonderful lights from Jim Dhaenens, which can be downloaded from flightsim. To install Jim's lights, place the lightobj.bgl file in your ...\Microsoft F
  23. My late night activity is not my choice, but I'm using my time wisely revising TJSJ and redoing TKPK based on my recent observations and pictures -- and of course beta testing :wink: Speaking of TKPK which airline is this? The name on the Dash was "THE Caribbean Airline"
  24. By placing an "X" in the UT2 box of the airline usng the editor you're telling MyTraffic X that this airline already exists in UT2. Then when you create all files and traffic with the no UT2 airlines checked MyTraffic will exclude (in theory) those airlines that it is aware of that exist in UT2. This was my point. Neither REX nor Jetstar had a UT2 box checked. Therefore, MyTraffic thinks that these airlines do not exist in UT2. I haven't had time to check Australia, but since the UT2 box is checked for Qantas, in theory once you create all files and traffic with the no UT2 box checked i
  25. Using the MyTraffic X editor (5.3 beta) I can see that neither Regional Express nor Jetstar have the UT2 box checked. Qantas does have the UT2 box checked. Using the manage airlines option in the editor, manually add an "X" in the UT2 box for REX and Jetstar and save the .myt file. Then run create all files and traffic and see if it made a difference. I can't explain the MTX version of Qantas showing up as the UT2 box is checked (at least in 5.3 beta). Maybe Burkhard will have some additional advice.
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