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  1. Two Computers Running 64 bit Windows ten,One with FSX Gold Edition,FSUIPC4 4.955,Wide FS7.6.995.Home wifi network.Other computer with FSC 2016-5,and Data Base9.6 rev.7 Net (Build:20-May-2016) Hope this is enough this time Volker.
  2. I have posted this before,but for reason it was deleted? I have two HP 500 series computers.Running windows 64bit 10.One has the two monitors running fsx,and the other FSC.I have installed both Fsuipc4and WideFS7,according to the instructions,ie. with administrator ,installed FSUIPC4,and WideFS7,and registered. them.With no problems.Put the WideFS7 client exe. in a separate folder in the fsx file.When I start FSX and FSC,I get the message(msg#2>etc.)and if I go into the fsx file and click on the WideFS client exe.folder I get a white page saying (Waiting to connect to client) I am on a home network with one other computer.
  3. Thank you Pete.I am running two HP 500 series with windows ten.One has FSX Gold and two monitors,and the other one just FSC. I have FSUIPC 4 Ver.9.53.and Wide FS installed,and registered on the fsx one.When I attempt to connect to fsx I get the msg#2>.Both computers are on a home wifi network. By the network PC,do you mean the FSC one.I put WideClient.exe in the fsx one,and if I click on it,I get the white page(Waiting to connect), but nothing happens.Not sure if this makes sense.L
  4. MOVED FROM FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET SUBFORUM! Will Wide FS work with Windows 10.?I tried installing it,but there are no INI files,in Fuspic or Wide FS.I have purchased both.
  5. Thanks Volker,but Iv'e com to the conclusion that my old computer,is not able to deal with FSC9.\can I still download the older version,and see if it will still work with that one?Len
  6. Having been grounded for the last 5 or 6 years,and just turned 86.Decided to go flying again. Still had all the hard and software,so no problem.I am running fsx gold edition,less the Acceration, on windows 7,I installed fsuipc, And it shows one dll.in the module folder,and then fsc,on an external drive.I load fsx on one monitor,and fsc on the other one. The free flight program screen comes up and then I put FSC on the other one,click connect and every thing looks good. As soon as I click on fly now,FSC dissapears,although I can still get fsx on both monitors,ie.outside,and instrument panel . Have tried it on two different computers and the same thing happens.
  7. ...I get a message saying"Problem!.the signature check fails on the installing FSUIPC4DLL.Please check that Sim Flight is not listed as an "Untrusted Publisher".In Internet Explorer (Options.Content Publisher)The problem is I do not have an Options button on myIE. Win 7 64 bit..IE.Version 6.1.7601 SP1.Build 7601...Installed IE 9,,,,,so now have the option.Simflight is not listed,in either Trusted or Untrusted..Been running FSX since it came out on this computer,I had to reinstall windows,and now I am unable to reinstall FSUIPC..... L
  8. Thanks for the replies..still don't grasp it all,guess I'm getting to old!!..so will just go back to the normal FS controls.L
  9. I have been trying to set up the reverse thrust,on my saitek throttle...I have it working,but it uses about half of the throttle travel..where as I would like to get it to cut in after the indent...ie at the bottom..keep going back to try and figure it out but no joy..I have read John's tutorial,but both my numbers..top and bottom are the same + and -,and it doesn't explain how to set the reverse... FSX..WINXP SP2...Leonard.
  10. Tanks Andy..Just what I needed,something I can understand...Leonard.
  11. Just a couple of things I am not quite sure off. 1.Do I have to be flying when calibrating the yoke,but not when assigning the buttons. 2.Do I have to disable the yoke in FSX 3.Is it alright as long as the axis in fsuipc are the same as FSX, Ok thats 3...Please don't tell me to look in the manual,as I have done that,but find it very confusing..although now I do understand the basics,and just got myself a new Saitek Yoke etc..for Christmas,I would like to try and calibrate it with FSUIPC. Leonard.
  12. Thanks again Pete for your replies...looks like I will have to keep experimenting...if nothing else it keeps the old brain ticking over.....Leonard.
  13. Thanks Pete I am now completely baffled...All I wanted to do was use FSUIPC for the Elevators,Ailerons,Rudder and Throttle.I have no idea how the keyboard got screwed up..but it is back to normal now...The question I have is..do I disable the joystick,and leave all the fsx axes etc. as they are,,and then calibrate using FSUIPC,or leave the joystick on.....and delete the fsx axes...I know all this is in the manual,and goodness knows I've read it enough times..even tried Flyboy's CH way, maybe I am a bit past it..I do enjoy the sim even though I keep it fairly simple..difficult to do more than two things at once,and always land using the spot view..I use two computers and three monitors....so am pretty well fixed up in that department,just don't know why I cant get an handle on your FSUIPC..sorry if I've been a bother.L
  14. I am sorry that I didn't make myself clear...and I might be old but not entirely stupid,I just asked for a simple answer to what I thought was a small problem.I just thought FSUIPC gives one better control,and I was quite pleased with the results in that respect,and every thing was going fine,all the buttons on the joy stick worked, it was only until I tried the Key Board assignments..I was trying to assign the escape key to End of Flight..but it brought up the CTRL/ALT/DEL page ??..and then it crashed back to the FSX start logo.I have had the registered copy of your product for at least 2 years,and this is the first time I actually achieved something .WINXP..FSX..Gigabyte MOB,,Intel Dual 3.16GHZ..GE Force 880GT,,4 mb Ram. Edit..I tried again this morning,and figured it out..I just deleted the axis assignments in FSX,and left the Joy Stick switched on,so the keyboard works as before...I guess it needs patience ,and a bit of trial and error..so maybe I will try some of the other things in the program :D L
  15. I have been trying to calibrate my Saitek X52 ..I can do the joystick axes etc OK,but when I try to assign the buttons/Keys etc.I get a fatal error.How do I just use FSUIPC to calibrate the X,Y,Z,axes and leave the rest to FSX.I am kind of old and ugly!!..78..so have a problem understanding some of it.. :? Leonard.
  16. I have just recently aquired the throttle and have it working ok,but I think I read somewhere that there is a way to double the number of buttons with FSUIPC...L
  17. I am having trouble downloading the 2004 version..I go into the download page and get the right version..ie "Not for FSX:but when I click on the download,I just get the FSX version again??.I do not have FSX on my computer,and I purchased the full version for my other computer which is under repair at the moment so just need FSUIPC to run FS Navigator in 2004.....Leonard
  18. Sorry Pete,I should have explained it better...I had FSX and a registered FSUICP on the computer that crashed ..but I just have version 2004 on this one,so guess I will just wait until I can get the other one fixed..Thanks anyway for your reply.am quite new to this flight sim..and am finding the forums a tremendous help in figureing it out..Leonard.
  19. My main computer is not working can I use the fsx registration key for fs2004 on my other computer....or do I have to purchase it again....Leonard.
  20. Thanks for the info ..it is kind of not an issue now as my computer crashed after saying there was a major software issue...am still trying to get it back.L
  21. Thanks Pete for your reply guess I thought I would have to register it first before getting access....I am pretty close to being 77 ....I bought it because reading the forums it seemed a good idea....maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew!!...but I will do what you suggested anyway,if nothing else it keeps the old brain active..L
  22. I am new to this FS and one of the older types so my brightness is a bit dim!! I recently purchased you product,got my key but can not find any place to register it....it is in my FSX folder....but I guess I can't use the control tweaks till it is registered...L
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