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  1. Dear Simon, recently I had to reinstall FSX and consequently STB 3.1 and STBDS 3.1. Launching FSX, after a while, a message appears asking if I allow STBDS to start and I have to confirm. I know that it is not a real problem but any idea how to get rid of this message that with the previous installation didn't appear? Thank you and my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2001. Fabio
  2. Inside the "A320MX" folder thre are two folders: "model.FSX-CFM56" and "model.FSX-V2500", both are empty. Inside the "A320 MTM" folder there is only one folder: "model" empty as well.
  3. Dear Burkhard, attached you will find what was inside the aircraft\aircraft foder. There are 107 folders (in the current and correct aircraft folder I have 182 folders) all of them modified on 01/11/09. I don't know if that can help. Best wishes. Fabio
  4. Done, and everything works fine as before. Thank you. Fabio
  5. Hello everybody, looking at my "mytraffic\aicraft" folder, I noticed that inside there is another "aircraft" folder: "mytraffic\aircraft\aircraft". The programme works very well but I wondered whether this structure is correct :?: . Thanks in advance. Fabio
  6. Hello Simon, just a specification. Which folder have the two text files to be put in ? Must they be renamed? Thank you in advance. Fabio
  7. Hi again Simon, in the screen shot below you can see what happens adding some columns and "restoring down". The orizontal bar shows up but no way to have the vertical one. The airport logo remains incomplete and the same the information box
  8. Hi Simon, thank for your prompt answer. Below you find the screen shot with resolution 1024x768 . As you can see, board right side is incomplete and it is impossible to me to resize it. Fabio
  9. Dear Simon, thank you for your great tool. I have installed it on a remote computer, and after some attempts, it works very fine :D Just one small thing: I am using a remote lap-top with a resolution 1024 x 768 (Windows XP, SP3) and the board size results smaller than it should be and it is impossible to resize it :( On the right side, airport logo is cut and scroll bars are not in sight. Using it on another computer with resolution 1600 x 1200 everything works well. Any suggestion? Regards. Fabio
  10. Thank you for your prompt answer. No problem at all, it is only a "nice to have" in case you would have any spare time :lol: Regards. Fabio
  11. Dear Burkhard, I don't know if it is already foreseen, but there is a small compay, Darwin Airlnes (http://www.darwinairline.com) operating from Lugano with 4 Saab 2000 (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Darwin-A1220715/M/). Living in this area it would be nice to populate a bit LZSA airport! Thank you for your attention and my best wishes. Fabio
  12. Dear staff, I came across this A 330 (see attached picture) at Milano Malpensa airport. It should be a Livingston A330-220. This is the only "black" plane I found using MTX. Any help to get rid of it? My best regards. Fabio My specs: OS Vista FSX xpack MTX 5.1b
  13. Dear all, I solved the fonts distortion problem by setting, in Catalyst Control Center, the slider of Mipmap Detail Level to maximum quality. I hope that this is of any help. Regards. Fabio
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