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  1. Neither do I.... yet :) Thanks a lot sir.
  2. Is there a quick way to create a plug-in file from the MTX models to use with SB4 and see multiplayer traffic in VATSIM? According to the SB4 guides, what is needed is a SquawkBox Model Set file, a text file with an extension of .sms which is loaded by SquawkBox when it starts. I understand that it can be done manually, but with so many models I was thinking that someone must have thought of an easier way to create it, or even already has it. Please share such information in case you know it. Thank you
  3. just to be sure: Are you saying that if i will manually remove MyTrafficX.exe and run the 5.1b patch that you have sent me, it will create another new and modified MyTrafficX.exe file without any need to do anything else?
  4. I am sorry sir, but I really do not understand the term "full control". MyTraffic is installed on the same XP SP2 machine as the FSX SP2 and the SDK SP2. I have only one user on this machine, with administrator rights. How can I verify "full control" and how can I achieve it? Thank you
  5. some feedback, numbered by the toppic: 1. still learning it, i was directed to an excellent tutorial of FSInn regarding it, hope it will help me do it. 2. ground shadows were disabled from the start, so it's not the case. today i could see some aircrafts in the same scenery i did not see them yesterday so i investigated the FSInn and found an option to disable the traffic around me in cases of load on the computer (an icon in the very left top corner of the Inn control panel). i guess it was red yesterday. :oops: 3. still same 2 errors, i attached the following screenshots: (nevertheless, 1 new trafficboard folder of about 12M space on disk was created) 4. it is solved by itself, no complaints :) appreciate your assistance with the opened issue
  6. please find my reference is numbered according to the topics: 1. I think I understood, I have to digg into it a bit and try it. I hope you did not mean I will have to manually set 3500 liveries to their correct entry :cry: 2. I am using SP2. The problem indeed is seen in an old FS9 scenery only. As I understood, disabling the gound shading will solve it? 3. Looking forward. 4. The recovery takes from 5 sec to never, any aircraft, I believe it is this load issue. The timing for this problem to pop up is a bit odd for me yet, and I try to figure out which load did I add by installing MTX the way I did. I am currently away form my simulator, somehow I have to work in order to be able to buy some more sim stuff :mrgreen: so I will later check your recommentations and definatelly keep in touch. Appreciate your detailed and quick answers, love this kind of customer service :wink:
  7. Some more issues I have seen while connected to VATSIM with FSInn, hope you can help: 1. Liveries and models are not necessarily shown as the correct ones. Most of them are a standard "world travel". However, when I choose a plane and define it as custom to whatever available livery I choose, it is OK. How can I make all available planes and liveries to match what is shown on the ServInfo? 2. In some cases I did not see the aircrafts near me at all, only the red labels with it's information were present sometimes. I have checked both options of FSInn definition "filter non-moving planes", still did not see the aircraft. Following your written guide I have checked fsx.cfg and it looks ok. 3. I have used the communicator to install 5.1b patches. I then had a batch file window opened and another one with a progress bar. The progress bar went very slowly and after about 30 minutes, when just before completing I had an error that MyTraffic folder could not be accessed and then another error that files could not be extracted. 4. After seeing all the above, I noticed that sometimes, when the initial startup window of FSX is shown (when I open FSX or when I end a flight), I see the previewed spinning aircraft with no livery, only colored gray. My configuration is not so standard. Since I think it might be related to my system configuration I will shortly review it here: I have 2 PC running, one runs FSX and the other runs FSInn and ASX. Both of them are communicating via simconnect. I have enabled sharing of 3 folders of the FSX PC, as to the instructions of ASX networking setup. All was working perfectly, so the only issue is if I had to enable some more sharing or change something in this configuration after I installed the MTX. I am aware of the fact that my question involves applications other than MTX as well, however It is very important for me to get the system up and running smoothly and I hope you can help me with that. Thank you
  8. Thank you, I have chosen to go for it. :) I had to upgrade my SDK to SP2 to see the tools menu and it is working fine. Are there any updates to install later than the 5.1b supplied version?
  9. Hi, I would like to buy the software but i could not find a reference for how will it work with FSInn versions for FSX. My main concern is to being able to see all traffic around me with their correct liveries, yet with light models and not much of FPS loss. I am less concerned with AI traffic at this moment, it is only a nice to have for me right now. So, does MyTraffic-X work with FSInn (FSX beta versions) to supply the exact view of VATSIM traffic around the user? If yes, could i set it to originate no AI traffic but only to supply the FSInn with models and liveries for my surrounding traffic? Appreciate your answer, Moshe Mizrahi VATIL4 DCRM
  10. I took a shot hoping to be surprised :D So far I think this tool of FSUIPC is extraordinary. I'm sure the WideFS will be as much fun to use, thanks a lot!
  11. Pete, Thanks for your reply. It looks that there is no easy workaround other than diving into the separate guides :( I do not use both SB3 and FSInn at the same time, I prefer the second one while some VAs are limitted to the first. About GE, I think I saw Nico Kaan using Ground Enviroment with WideFS, that's why I asked. About FSBuild, it has it's own database, it does not use FSUIPC but it uses AS6 information so I would think it better be with the laptop. The only question regarding it is the ability to supply the FSB with flight plans export folders on the desktop while it will run on the laptop. Appreciate your assistance.
  12. Dear friends, I am a newbe for the networks stuff, recently purchesed the WideFS and looking forward to using it. My idea is to share the load from my desktop and have some order in bringing everything up and running. I will appreciate you focusing me on what is the best way to configure my system, which is: One desktop with FS9 including: 2 Screens configuration (7800GT) FSUIPC and WideFS Active Sky 6.5 FSInn and SB3 Ground Enviroment FSBuild Server Info Team Speak Delta Virtual ACARS LDS and PMDG addons with CH pro yoke and peddals I have a laptop I want to engage into the system, and yesterday I added Edimax6204Wg router and connected the laptop together with the desktop via the router and a cable modem to the internet. No further setup is done yet. My quest and concerns are as follows: Which of my applications to move to the laptop? What is the way to configure each of the laptop applications? How should I set firewalls? only on the router? on both computers too? How is the correct way to configure such firewall/s? Is there a "newbe guide" which will take me through this proccess? I appreciate your advice for best focusing...
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