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  1. Hi Kenml, Hi Pete, I've the same troubles with the Cub. The throttle in the Cub is labeled with "Closed - 0 - Open". Joystick Calibration with Reverse - Idle - Max Range only brings the throttle in the Cub a little behind the "0"-Position in the middle. My only trick for the moment is to do in Axis Assignment define a special range (on the right section, Control sent when range entered): Throttle1 Decr with Checkbox (Controll to repeat) is marked. With this, I can get the Idle Position ("Closed"). But nothing between "Closed" and "0". Regards Albrecht
  2. Hi, have you seen this: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=76535 Have you searched in this forum, may be someone else had this problem? Albrecht
  3. Hi, any news about this topic? I'm still hoping to hear the end of this story... Best regards Albrecht
  4. Hi Glenn, Hi Pete, as I've the same problems (ctd with api.dll or msvcr80.dll), it would be nice to here the end of the story. Is this problem solved and what was the solution? BTW - maybe it has something to do with Nvidia driver - discussion here: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=121&topic_id=438946&mesg_id=438946&page=&topic_page=1 Regards Albrecht
  5. Hi Pete, Thank you for your help! This wasn't a problem of antivirus programs or security hooks. I've used the axis assignment from FSX. I was to lazy, to do this with FSUPIC. I changed this to FSUPIC and now, it works without delay in response. Perfect!!!! But only for a moment. Seems, that I really need new hardware. I have 15-17 fps. Okay, sometimes I have to press "P" (and wait few minutes), to see the nice scenery. And for this (scenery), I really like FSX verry much! My computer is 2 years old. Also my car and I would say, it is a new car. With a 2 year old computer, one can control illumination of an aquarium... So, next weekend, I'll find the way to a computer store (2 Quad). Thank you verry much and best regards Albrecht
  6. Hi Pete, it seems to be a different problem. Yesterday, I have unistalled GDATA Antivirenkit 2007 and installed Norton Antivirus 2007. Then I made a complete new installation of FSX, SP1 and all Add-ons (BeaverX, HelgolandX, FS Global 2008X, German Landmarks). But after this I have still the same problems with joystick controll, growing delay in response. So today I uninstalled Norton and tried it again (without any Antivirus software): it's the same problem, seems, the reason comes from a different side. I'll send you a copy of FSUPIC4.log, FSUPIC4 Install.log and a SimConnect.log to your email-address. Maybe, you can see anything, which is wrong. Thanks again for your help. Albrecht My Hardware: Pentium 4, 2.39 GHz, 1024 MB GeForce 6600
  7. Hi Pete, I'm using FSUPIC 4.11 and a third party anti-virus program (GDATA Antiviruskit 2007) and have the problem Type 2 (stall) described in your FSUPIC4 ReadMe.txt. This anti-virus prgm has no device, to chance options - so I can't tell this program, to trust FSX / Simconnect. It is a double scan-engine with Kaspersky and Avast. GDATA doesn't want to change anything on this program. So, do you have any information, if Microsoft will do changes on FSX or Simconnect to solve this problem? My hope was SP1Should I wait? Or should I buy an alternative anti-virus program? In this case, it would be verry helpfull, to have a list of programs, which work without making this problems. Thanks and regards Albrecht
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