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  1. i havent had a chance to go home yet today. but will i have to do this for every aircraft, or is it a set value that i only need to change once?
  2. I really really like mytraffic, the only problem is i only fly online. I know that when connected to vatsim with FSX the ai traffic stays, which is pretty cool...but kills performance. is there a way to keep the aircraft static, meaning they dont leave the airport and just stay at the gate. that way i'm not lonely when arriving to an airport that no one is flying too lol. and it makes nice screenies... i dont wanna doubble post so if you have to you can merge this post with my other one. Andrew
  3. I cannot figure out how to use this program to change this one line. If someone could email me detailed instructions at andrewpurdie@comcast.net that would be very helpful...thank you again
  4. oh ok, thats good to know. which hex editor would you guys recommend? i'm new to this. oh i got an idea :D how bout one of you attach your fscopilot.dll's to the thread :wink: that way there's no editing involved hehe
  5. ok...but which .dll file is it called? is it the FSCOPILOT one in the modules folder?
  6. hey i cant find the FSINN.dll file. and how do i open up a .dll file anyway? i cant use the notepad...
  7. nice, a link would be great
  8. i dont mean to be a jerk...but i dont speak tha other language...
  9. I dont really use AI traffic, but i do really like the MyTraffic models. I was wondering if i could use the MYtraffic models in FSX with FSINN. Since FSINN follows certain codes for airlines and models, do the models match up with the aircraft being flown? I know, it sounds confusing, but if someone is flying a United A320 on their simulator, will a mytraffic UAL A320 show up for their aircraft? Thanks Andrew
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