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  1. The planes in fsx are top notch, my traffic etc and most addons I have are top notch and i am perfectly pleased with all that. Had fsx not already shown me that it can work. Fsx.0 works what annoys me and frustrates me is that sp1 and 2 dont. So i either just run fsx.0, which i like, and then not have access to any addons made with sp1 or 2 in mind. or i run sp2 and have the new planes and addons but my scenery looks like treacle. catch 22 If there was a glimmer of hope that it would be fixed then I would say OK i can wait no problem. But they have said it wont be. You cant act
  2. Being able to see the ground clearly is not a feature. Its a basic core principle. If they dont already know that then fsx11 will be the same disaster that fsx has been. It doesnt matter how many animals and fireworks and jetways and such they cram in to it if you cant see the ground you are flying over clearly its all a waste of diskspace. I wish it was as easy as telling them but they wont listen. On all the threads about this issue they just keep saying the same thing. Its your cfgs or its your settings or its your system etc etc. So whats the point. Anyway i am back running
  3. Yes I agree to some point that autogen can be a nice addon to photo scenery and adds a imagined depth Its purely a personal choice that one. I still find autogen to be "cartoonish" on photo scenery and it spoils it for me. The only time in games i get the nauseous, head swimming feeling that you describe is when the game is running at too low a refresh rate. At 60hz any game makes my eyes defocuss and after a short while i feel sick. At 70hz+ it goes away and all is fine. Fsx will rewrite the default values when you change another slider in the game menu. If you make any edits t
  4. My memstatus usage under fsx.0 and fsx.2 is the same roughly usual 250mb max 350mb which is basically under using my card as it is a 512mb card. one interesting line i am pursuing in the fsx.cfg is the jobscheduler tweak i am not sure but my eyes rarely lie but when i set this to single core mode my blurries decrease dramatically. still not as good as fsx.0 but way better. this is strange, if it is actually accurate and not imagined. dual core mode i get blurries, single core mode i dont as much. i am playing now with other tweaks i have tried before but now i am including single core
  5. Yes I have memstatus, was used heavily while i was ironing out texture issues on TES IV Oblivion projects. Now theres a game that eats systems like no other i have seen. Well maybe Bioshock but that ran fine on my setup and so does Timeshift. I dont know how old you are but I am 43 years young :) Its funny you should mention it as I am naturally at the moment trying to rip out the scenery and planes etc from Acceleration and fuse them into fsx.0 . But then you knew I would didnt you ;) As you know errors and anomolies "jump" out at me, I cant ignore them unfortunately as much as
  6. Whats frustrating is I could live with it too if i didnt know that it runs better and sharper in fsx.0 Thats the annoying thing Had fsx always looked like that to me i would just think thats how it is and get on with it. As there doesnt seem to be a fix, and aces wont be fixing it they say, there is little point discussing it any further but it may help you out should you release a photo scenery for fsx and receive posts from people like me suffering the blurries. At least you will know it isnt your scenery thats to blame. Back to fsx.0 for me though. Shame because i liked the mu
  7. Ok acceleration installed and nothing else changed not altered anything at all same settings as previous shots. First just flights vfr showing the blurries after a couple of mins flight Click images for fullsize... Next Dillingham X which is slightly better blurywise but its a much smaller scenery however the blurries are there if you compare with my previous shots look at the houses in particular and the area next to the right wing in pic 04 These blurries persist and even when i pause it takes 30-40 seconds before full lod snaps in. ceedee
  8. Thanks but in my case that is not the issue i run sp1 and sp2 without any tweaks at all. I have tried every tweak on the net in attempts to lessen or fix the issue without success. uninstalling sp1 and / or 2 fixes it immediately however. Burkhard you raised an interesting thing i have never experimented with and that is resolution. Ive always played at 1024x768x32 but out of interest I had a go on my fsx.0 install at my monitors max which is 1280x1024x32 to see what would happen. i lost some fps but other than that it ran really well and no blurries. Click images for fullsize...
  9. Are you running any addons that include fs9 traffic as this can stop the AI working Also did you add the entry to fsx.cfg as is detailed in the readme regards Ceedee
  10. Sorry i disagree there are 2 types at least of "blurries" and this has already been aknowledged by aces 1. as you state the game engine isnt keeping up and pausing allows it to catch up 2. the blurries i am talking about. these are not because the game engine cant keep up or because the system is to slow etc etc. These are caused by some engine bug or problem. they only effect photo scenery and are evident immediately to those who suffer them. Yes you can pause and it will eventually clear up but that is hardly an answer. point 1 effects everyone. if your system is underp
  11. To comment on the 2 screenshots you posted burkhard.. Its hard to comment because i dont have access to the scenery you are showing however if it is photo scenery it looks very blurry to me. the first screen is at 8000 ft and autogen doesnt help because it hides issues but the parts i can see look blurry to me. None of the scenery in that shot is sharp. the second pic really shows the blurries as i see it. mid screen above the forest is blurred, the town under the autogen bottom right is blurred. I wouldnt be happy with vfr scenery that looked like that. To me photo scenery should
  12. This debate will forever continue along the lines of I get blurries I dont This is the point some do and some dont. To prove my point i uninstalled fsx last night and re-installed it clean I did no tweaks or cfg changes just installed my vfr scenery So i am using fsx.0 , no sp1 and no sp2. all graphics settings as follows autogen off ( this is not choice it just doesnt work with this scenery ) lod radius maximum mesh resolution 76 mesh complex 70 terrain res 1m evrything else default fsx Flew a test flight from egnx same as was featured in my screenshots earlier showing the awful
  13. Yes it occurs in any view cockpit is the same on the shots i posted you can see how sometimes it loads the texture in front but sometimes it loads the one behind missing the front and vice versa this is what puzzles me if aces had made it so fsx prioritises whats in front ignoring whats behind then i would say yes good idea but in my tests this isnt true equally fsx sometimes loads in full lod what is ahead but also equally sometimes it ignores what is ahead and loads what is behind this makes me think that fsx isnt loading textures based on where you are but rather is trying to loa
  14. the old post refers to fs9 correct the post i linked is a follow on regarding sp2/acceleration it is a long read but covers what i am saying exactly phil from aces is also active in it trying to sort it out read it all i know its 10 pages but it will fill you in on what i am experiencing autogen is irrelevant with vfr / photo scenery in this instance as it is excluded i can post a huge amount of images showing why if you wish ;) the point of photo scenery is it is real autogen isnt real its obviously fake and spoils flight sims for me a good mesh and photo scenery is all you need the
  15. Autogen is not compatible with this scenery so it wont show The scenery in my shots is Just Flights VFR UK scenery vol 1 & 2 there is a free demo of the shoreham area for anyone that wishes to try it out it is really great looking and so accurate ( i have vfr flown from where i work 100 miles from where i live to my house just by looking at the scenery no gps etc. you can even see my house :shock: if only fsx could show it consistently under sp2 like it is under fsx.0 Edit: I have just found this thread at avsim which shows i am not alone :) http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az
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