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  1. Is there a way to return 5.4c which I literally just bought on the 2nd and get 6! I finally upgraded from V5.3 on 4/2 and now the new version comes out less than 3 weeks later! WOW bad timing!!!!
  2. Hey there, When I downlaod vatsim data, the controllers as well as static dots of vatsim aircraft are loaded onto the map. Is there a way to just download controller information and exclude the static aircraft since once I engage the gps, the aircraft will be shown as live AI. My screen get too cluttered when I am seeing static aircraft from the download as well as live aircraft through the AI toggle too. Thanks! Jason Coffman
  3. Hi there, After experimenting, I found the change needs to be at the front end of the string now. Example: OLD #KZLA::US:Los Angeles:center:34.3:-117.4 NOW #LAX:US:Los Angeles:center:34.3:-117.4 Hope this helps!! Jason Coffman
  4. Thank you for your help. I will rename the settings file first and see from there. And I am running DX10_2008 files so maybe that is what im not accutomed too running the 2007 DX9 files just two weeks ago while on a graphics card not dx10 compatible. Thanks for the help and Ill post back the results! And again I can't tell you how helpful it is to get some answers back so fast from this forum! It really is a great thing!
  5. Ok here is the settings.bin Again, thanks so much for the help~!!! settings.zip
  6. Ok Here's what changed: Created a new profile on Vista to accomodate FSX better. When I did this MTB worked but limited to only 19 airports found. Also no traffic was showing. I uninstalled mytraffic (followed the manuals instructions) followed by acceleration pack and fsx. Rebooted and reinstalled FSX-Acceleration-MTX. Now I have traffic showing but only commercial. No military, or cargo are present. I have installed Patch 5.1b via the traffic communicator download. I do not nor have I ever used FSLIVE which confuses me why the program does looks there in the first place. i have always just used the DX9 2007 schedule as provided. I did research in all MTX folder for FSLIVE files with none showing especially in MT_plans folder. Do I need to write a new line of code somewhere to help the start up look in the correct directories? As of now no MTB will work but again commercial traffic only will appear. System: AMD4400 64X2 Dual 2.6 Htz 8800GS OC 512MB GDDR3 (no overclock adjustments) Thank you for your help.
  7. I am running Vista 32 bit with FSX:acceleration pack. During my install of mytraffic following a complete reboot of my computer this error shown in the picture comes up while trying to open Mytraffic Board. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both FSX, Acceleration pack and Mytraffic an and can not fix the issue. Any help would be great! Jason C. Deltava.org
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